Research impact

PRaDA is one of Australia’s leading research centres in the field of machine learning and pattern recognition. Our research impact hits areas as diverse as surveillance, social media and health. We've helped industries become more efficient and effective through the development of apps, artificial intelligence programs and innovative software.

Learning support for children with autism

We developed the TOBY Playpad app using machine learning. The app is an adaptive early intervention program for children with autism. It monitors each child’s performance and adjusts lessons accordingly.

Parent feedback tells us that thanks to TOBY, children are learning new social, cognitive and sensory skills.

Detecting security threats around the world

iCetana detects potential security threats in large data sets from video surveillance footage. Algorithms that we developed drive iCetana's innovative anomaly detection software.

The software uses ideas from compressed sensing to enable simultaneous surveillance of many cameras deployed in all sorts of environments.

A local city council first used iCetana to detect anti-social behaviour and traffic violations. It's now being used around the world.

A life-saving healthcare app

PRaDA's health analytics program helps doctors predict suicide risk in patients. From this artificial intelligence program they've created iHosp, an app that will improve hospital efficiency and patient care. Both are being trialled by our industry partner, Barwon Health.

Now that we can analyse such vast amounts of data, there is enormous potential to gauge the mental health of whole populations and develop much more effective public health campaigns.



Recognising early warning suicide signs

The Centre is working with the Black Dog Institute to identify deviations in social media that could predict suicide risk and help with the development of an early warning system.

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