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At PRaDA we work on data problems that matter. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with industry and academia. By creating these relationships, you can convert your research into real-world tools and applications.

Study that leads to start-ups

Our research on early intervention in children with autism helped develop the learning app TOBY Playpad. Parents tell us that thanks to TOBY, their children are successfully learning new skills.

Our students also produced the award-winning iCetana software, which uses video analytics to detect potential security threats in large data sets. Now it's used around the world.

It's not all hard work, discovery and start-ups though – we like to break up our research with BBQs, movie nights and team outings too.

Your research opportunities

By looking at big data and health analytics, our research helps visualise medical data. Right now we're coming up with solutions for cancer prediction, disease progression mapping and patient flow models.

There's also the opportunity to work on autism prevalence and how we can improve early intervention therapies.

We have students researching social media to see how we interact with each other. We're also keeping an eye on what's happening by applying algorithms to detection software, so we can help people stay safe and secure.

Partners for successful projects

There's nothing more productive than working directly with our industry and academic partners. You'll have the chance to work with professionals at Barwon Health, Autism West, The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and the Black Dog Institute, to name a few.

Big data has huge potential when we understand the need for sophisticated approaches. PRaDA researchers worked with Barwon Health to develop an artificial intelligence program that analysed hospital records to reduce the incidence of suicide around Geelong.



PhDs at PRaDA

We've produced mountains of research over the years; here are a few PhDs that have been completed recently.

Bayesian non-parametric multilevel modelling and applications
Dr Tien Vu Nguyen completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics.

Structured Representation Learning from Complex Data
Dr Tu-Dinh Nguyen completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics.

Bayesian Nonparametric Learning of Contexts and Activities from Pervasive Signals 
Dr. Thuong C. Nguyen completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics.

Scholarship opportunities

Deakin University offers a number of postgraduate scholarships that students applying to study with PRaDA are eligible for.

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If you're interested in finding out more about our research into pattern recognition and data analysis, please get in touch with Dr Santu Rana for more information.

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