Centre for Drug use, Addictive and Anti-social Behaviour Research (CEDAAR) projects

The Centre for Drug use, Addictive and Anti-social Behaviour Research (CEDAAR) conducts research into the psychological, biological, socio-political and clinical aspects of alcohol and other drug use (AOD), other addictive behaviours and consequent harm.

Our projects

The aim of our projects is to understand many of the problems associated with substance and other addictive behaviours, and related harms. We collaborate with national and international partners from universities, health care providers and philanthropic organisations to increase our impact.


Alcohol-related harm in night-time entertainment precincts is a major preventable problem. The 2016 Queensland Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence policy was evaluated during the Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night-Time Economy (QUANTEM) study. This study also examined how context moderates the effect of policy on these harms.

This introduction of such a comprehensive set of measures in Queensland was novel and the first time such measures were introduced state-wide, allowing for the evaluation to provide world-first evidence on a state-level approach to managing licensed venues.

It included a comprehensive evaluation of trends in the availability of alcohol and enforcement in night-time entertainment precincts using original data collection methods alongside traditional measures of harm.

Our team

  • Professor Peter Miller
  • Nic Taylor
  • Dr Richelle Mayshak
  • Dr Kerri Coomber
  • Dr Nic Droste
  • Dr Ashlee Curtis.

Funding details

The QUANTEM project was funded by the Australian Research Council (LP160100067) for a period of four years in 2016–2020, in partnership with the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, Lives Lived Well, Turning Point and the Australian Rechabites Foundation. The Queensland Government provided funding for the period July 2016 to October 2018.


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Industry Insights

Tobacco, alcohol and gambling are major causes of illness and premature death in Australia. But the implementation of public health policies known to reduce harm are often delayed or stopped by industry groups who place private profits ahead of public health.

Industry Insight is a collaboration of independent researchers who investigate and provide expert insight into the mechanisms industry groups use to influence the policy process.

Industry use the following tactics (to see these tactics in action, see the linked project publications):

Our team

  • Peter Miller, Deakin University
  • Kypros Kypri, The University of Newcastle
  • Linda Hancock, Deakin University
  • Melanie Wakefield, Cancer Council of Victoria
  • Charles Livingstone, Monash University
  • Jim McCambridge, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Michael Daube, Curtin University of Technology
  • Caterina Giorgi, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
  • Peter Adams, The University of Auckland.

Funding details

Industry Insight was funded by the Australian Research Council (LP130100046), and is a collaboration between Deakin University, the Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education, the Cancer Council of Victoria, The University of Newcastle, Monash University, Curtin University of Technology, the University of Auckland and the University of York.

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