Psychology registration

Students intending to become psychologists must undertake at least four years of academic study: an approved three years undergraduate sequence in psychology, plus either a level-4 honours year or the Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

A student can then register as a Provisional Psychologist while they undertake a minimum of two years further training to achieve general registration as a psychologist. Currently, these two years can be done as an approved internship under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist, or, increasingly, as a two- or three year postgraduate degree (a Master or Doctor of Psychology), which incorporates clinical work experience and coursework.

For more information about general registration, visit Psychology Board of Australia. You must be a Registered Psychologist to practise as a psychologist, and to use the title Psychologist.

Deakin's psychology sequence is recognised by both the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Psychological Society.