International students in secondary schools: a study of transnational connectedness

Project Overview

This longitudinal, qualitative study aims to analyse the forms and effects of international secondary students’ transnational connectedness with different people and places in physical and on-line environments. It examines how and why students’ relationships change across Years 10-12 of school, and the implications for students’ experience of school, Australia, and post-school pathways. We will examine the factors that contribute to the cultural adjustment, connectedness and inclusion of international students in Australian secondary schools. This investigation into the forms and effects of connectedness among international secondary students is urgently needed to develop the policies and practices that protect students’ well-being in Australian schools.

The study is being undertaken in partnership with Griffith University in Queensland and involves 8 schools (government, independent and Catholic) in both Victoria and Queensland. Interviews will be undertaken with school principals, international student co-ordinators, teachers, parents and policy makers, as well as both domestic and international students, between 2017 and 2019. International students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will be invited to participate in an online survey.

This study will provide crucial research evidence for improving the reciprocal intercultural understanding among the school community in Australian secondary schools. The focus of this study is of high concern to education departments because recruiting international secondary students is an economic and education policy priority for Australia. Participating schools will also benefit from a yearly report of the findings arising out of their involvement as well as their inclusion in and access to a final research report generated by the project team.

Our team

Deakin University
Griffith University
Australian Research Council

Chief Investigators
Professor Jill Blackmore
Professor Catherine Beavis
Associate Professor Ly Tran
Associate Professor Leonie Rowan (Griffith)

Partner Investigator
Professor Christine Halse (Education University Hong Kong)

Research Fellow/Project Coordinator
Dr Caroline Mahoney

Research Fellow
Catherine Moore (Griffith)

PhD Candidates
Trang Hoang
Manaia Chou-Lee
Aida Hurem (Griffith)

Project funding

This project is funded by a discovery grant from the Australian Research Council and additional funding from Deakin and Griffith Universities.