Enriching Mathematics and Science Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Project Overview

This international, longitudinal project aims to investigate the effectiveness of an innovative interdisciplinary learning approach in mathematics and science. Through collaborating primary schools in Australia and the United States of America (USA), it will investigate how students’ invention and transformation of representational systems can connect to support deeper reasoning and learning.

The project will form the basis for new curricular designs that leverage students’ representational practices across science and mathematics to promote more robust and generative knowledge within and across these subjects.

Details of the project, including the pedagogy, the interdisciplinary approach, learning sequence resources, findings and publications can be found on the Interdisciplinary Maths and Science Learning website.

Our team

Deakin University
Macquarie University
Vanderbilt University

Project team
Alfred Deakin Prof. Russell Tytler (Deakin University)
Dr Peta White (Deakin University)
Prof. Vaughn Prain (Deakin University)
Dr Lihua Xu (Deakin University)
Prof. Joanne Mulligan (Macquarie University)

Partner Investigators
Prof. Richard Lehrer (Vanderbilt University)
Prof. Leona Schauble (Vanderbilt University)

PhD Candidate
Chris Nielsen (Deakin University)

Research Assistants
Melinda Kirk (Deakin University)
Chris Speldewinde (Deakin University)

Project funding

This project is funded by a Discovery Project grant from Australian Research Council to the value of $434,716.00

Project timeline