Researching the Everyday Digital

Project Overview

As mobile and connected digital practices reshape social, interpersonal and learning relationships, it is crucial for teachers and schools to be informed practically and conceptually about how these technologies are actually being used in everyday life. It is increasingly challenging to keep pace with rapid change, and to know and respond to the ways in which the digital is woven in and around children’s worlds and family lives. This project brought teachers together to develop strategies to research what the children at their schools did with digital media when at home and with their friends.

This project concentrated on practical ways to support teachers to work with their peers both to: challenge assumptions about children and young people’s digital media use; and to invent and devise simple activities to help them learn about their classes’ digital use (in and out of school).

The second phase of the project then shifted focus to bring teachers together to consider what kind of curriculum challenge and what kind of pedagogical innovation could stand as an appropriate response to this new kind of knowledge about the school communities’ use of the digital every day.

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Our team

Project team
Prof. Julian Sefton-Green
Prof. Catherine Beavis
A/Prof Ann Cloonan
Dr Kirsten Hutchinson
Dr Luci Pangrazio

Research Assistant
Ms Narelle Wood

Project funding

This project is funded by a grant from Research for Educational Impact to the value of $36,000

Project timeline


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Prof. Julian Sefton-Green
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