Our team

The Research for Educational Impact team is led by Director, Alfred Deakin Professor Julianne Moss and Deputy Director, Associate Professor Louise Paatsch. We comprise a number of widely published and highly esteemed professors, researchers and visiting fellows, as well as administrative staff who all work with the common goal of ensuring our research has a practical and sustained impact.

Honorary members


Honorary Professor

Professor Catherine Beavis

Honorary Fellow

Dr Tim Cahill

Honorary Associate Professor

Associate Professor Lyn Harrison

Adjunct Professor

Professor Roger Slee

Honorary Professor

Professor Pat Thomson

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Associate Professor (Research)

Dr Rola Ajjawi

Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL and Languages)

Dr Ruth Arber

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Ben Arnold

Senior Lecturer in Education (Language and Literacy Education)

Dr Glenn  Auld

Professor, Research

Professor Margaret Bearman

Senior Lecturer of Education (Humanities, Societies and Environments)

Dr Ros Black

Alfred Deakin Professor and Professor of Education

Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore AM

Director, Centre for Research in Assessment and Alfred Deakin Professor

Professor David Boud

Associate Professor of Education (Science Education)

Associate Professor Coral Campbell

Research Fellow

Dr Harsha Chandir

Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Dr Claire Charles

Associate Professor of Education (Language and Literacy)

Associate Professor Anne Cloonan

Associate Professor, Education (Inclusive Education)

Associate Professor Tim Corcoran

Associate Director, Centre for Research In Assessment And Digital Learning (CRADLE)

Professor Phillip Dawson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Emerging Talent

Dr Joe Ferguson

Research Fellow

Dr Michael Fitzgerald

Research Fellow

Dr Brandi Fox

Associate Professor of Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Associate Professor Radhika Gorur

Professor of Education, Physical Education

Professor Chris Hickey

Associate Professor of Education (Science Education)

Associate Professor Linda Hobbs

Research Fellow

Dr Marcus Horwood

Chair in Education

Professor Amanda Keddie

Senior Lecturer, Education (Health and Physical Education)

Dr Natalie Lander

Associate Professor of Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Associate Professor Julianne Lynch

Research Fellow

Dr Katrina MacDonald

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Eve Mayes

Research Fellow

Dr Trevor McCandless

Research Fellow, DECRA

Dr Tebeje Molla Mekonnen

Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning

Associate Professor Amanda Mooney

Associate Professor of Education (Early Childhood)

Associate Professor Anne-Marie Morrissey

Alfred Deakin Professor and Director, Research for Educational Impact

Alfred Deakin Professor Julianne Moss

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Digital Society, Youth and Educational Futures

Dr Pariece Nelligan

Professor in Education (Early Childhood)

Professor Andrea Nolan

Associate Professor of Education (Language and Literature)

Associate Professor Joanne O'Mara

Associate Professor of Education (Health & Physical Education)

Associate Professor Debbie Ollis

Associate Head of School (Research)

Professor Louise Paatsch

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Luci Pangrazio

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Mark Rahimi

Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Dr Shaun Rawolle

Professor, Education Leadership

Professor Phil Riley

Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Childhood)

Associate Professor Liz Rouse

Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Dr Emma Rowe

Associate Professor, Education (Education Leadership)

Associate Professor Julie Rowlands

Professor of New Media Education

Professor Julian Sefton-Green

Associate Professor, Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)

Associate Professor Andrew Skourdoumbis

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Joanna Tai

Professor and ARC Future Fellow

Professor Ly Tran

Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Science Education

Alfred Deakin Professor Russell Tytler

Senior Lecturer in Education (Inclusive Education)

Dr Ben Whitburn

Senior Lecturer, Education (Science Education)

Dr Lihua Xu

Research Themes

Diversity and Social Justice in Education

Educating for diversity and social justice is a key public goal of education. This research theme takes a critical and transformative approach to this goal that recognises the complex and growing economic, cultural, digital, spatial and political inequalities within and beyond Australia. Our research provides insight into the structures and practices that both undermine and enable educating for diversity towards a more inclusive and just citizenry. We focus on how injustices are compounded for groups marginalised on the basis of Indigeneity, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, race, age, geography and ethnicity and how these are transformed by, for example, inclusive policy, education leadership, teaching and learning and social relations. We seek to inform policy and practice within all spheres and levels of education to create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Education Governance and Policy for Sustainable Societies

Education is key to secure, just and sustainable societies. Research in this program draws from interdisciplinary fields, including policy, management and technology studies and critical sociology, to investigate higher education, vocational education, schools and early childhood as well as informal education and workplace settings. It aims to understand the impacts of policies, governance practices and reform efforts at global, national, regional and institutional levels. It seeks to inform practices of policy and governance to promote sustainable systems and societies that are premised on reciprocity, mutual accountability, security of employment and safety and diversity in workplaces.

Learners in a Digital World

The theme Learners in a Digital World acknowledges that learning occurs across complex formal and informal contexts. It is concerned with exploring the diverse effects of digitalisation on everyday life, identity, education systems and the broader organisation of civic and political society. REDI researchers generate deep knowledge about learners and learning across early childhood, young people’s worlds, higher and adult education, and teacher education. Our concern is with social injustice and inequality through the effects of platformization and datafication. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, our researchers explore how individuals and the multi-layered structure of the complex digital world interact to reframe learner identities, where and how learning occurs, and the nature of knowledge production. We work creatively within innovative learning environments to understand and advance the ways that the digital affords opportunities and supports learners throughout their lives, learning and work.

STEM Education for Sustainable Futures

This theme foregrounds the potential and challenges associated with disciplinary and interdisciplinary reasoning and learning, acknowledging the critical role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in educating for sustainable, equitable environmental, societal and work futures. Research in this theme is strongly grounded in the practices of educators, institutions and systems, and committed to innovative inter/disciplinary pedagogies, transformative curricular practices, teacher identities and professional learning, and school and system change. Our research focus extends from early childhood to adult learning settings. Associated with an ethically informed futures focus our research seeks to develop capabilities such as critical and creative reasoning, modelling and design associated with contemporary STEM practices, student agency and citizenship, and equity in relation to STEM participation.

REDI Partnerships

Director Partnerships
Head of School (Education) Professor Damian Blake
Phone: +61 3 5227 1440

Manager, Educational Projects
Dr Hang (Jason) Zheng

Partnerships Development Coordinator
Greg Knowles

Administrative staff

Project Officer, Communications
Scott Lascelles

Communications Coordinator (Engagement & Impact)
Betty Vassiliadis