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Envisioning the post-COVID future of urban logistics

The future of urban logistics has changed. A year ago, a conversation about the future of urban logistics would have revolved around the long-term impact of factors such as population growth, climate change, and new technologies. Today, in a world transformed by COVID-19, there is a more immediate need to understand the new challenges facing urban logistics in the near and mid-term future.

A critical review of initial 3D printed products responding to COVID-19 health and supply chain challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased demand for medical and protective equipment by frontline health workers, as well as the general community, causing the supply chain to stretch beyond capacity, an issue further heightened by geographical and political lockdowns. Various 3D printing technologies were quickly utilised by businesses, institutions and individuals to manufacture a range of products on-demand, close to where they were needed.

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Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women

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The Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics (CSCL)

The Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics (CSCL) seeks to answer pressing questions about the design and management of supply chain and logistical networks in order to enable communities, government and the private sector to make better decisions for their supply chains and logistics.

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Live+Smart Lab research response to COVID-19

A quantitative analysis of 3D printed face shields and masks during COVID-19

In response to shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, makers, community groups and manufacturers around the world utilised 3D printing to fabricate items, including face shields and face masks for healthcare workers and the broader community. This study will help makers, manufacturers, regulatory bodies and researchers consolidate the 3D printing response to COVID-19 and optimise the ongoing strategy to combat supply chain shortages now and in future healthcare crises.

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Live+Smart Lab

From dynamic systems modelling, pattern identification and dynamic scenario modelling to emergency response planning, biophilic designed home-work spaces and post COVID-19 liveability, the Live+Smart Lab is working across disciplines, connecting with industry partners and communities to develop tools and solutions at the intersection of humanity and technology.

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