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18 May 2011
Dr Nishar Hameed has won the Alfred Deakin Medal for Best Doctoral Thesis in the sciences, part of the Vice-Chancellor's Prizes and Awards.

Dr Nishar Hameed has won the Alfred Deakin Medal for Best Doctoral Thesis in the sciences, part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Prizes and Awards.

Dr Hameed, who works at the Institute for Technology Research and Innovation received his award at a recent graduation ceremony for this thesis: Self-Assembled Diblock Copolymer Complexes via Competitive Hydrogen Bonding.

“It was a great honour to be given this award,” he said.

“This was the first time this award and had been made and it is always a big thing to win the first one.”

Dr Hameed is making something of a practice of winning awards as he advances his research career at ITRI.

Last year he won the Early Researcher section of the Smart Geelong Research Award.

That night, Dr Hameed was presented with his award by the head of ITRI, Professor Peter Hodgson, who noted: “Nishar has put together an impressive body of work in a very short time. He is a very talented member of ITRI.”

His PhD supervisor, Professor Qipeng Guo also rates Dr Hameed highly.

“He is one of my best students ever,” said Professor Guo.

For Dr Hameed, the latest award further justifies his decision to undertake his PhD at Deakin. In 2007 he left his native Kerala, one of India’s top tourist spots, for Geelong with its beaches, the Great Ocean Road and of course, Deakin University.

“Geelong is one of the best places in Australia,” says Dr Hameed, quickly adding he has done the research to prove that, too.

“I have been all over Australia, to the North, to the South but I like to live in Geelong.

“It is a very calm and relaxed place and I have my wife Nisa with me here who is also a PhD student at Deakin and she has been the best support throughout my career.”

Not surprisingly Dr Hameed also has quite a soft spot for Deakin.

“I like Deakin very much,” he said. “I have my labs which are well equipped, we have the best supervisors anyone can have who give you the freedom to try new things.”

So it is hardly surprising that Nishar is looking to spending more time in Geelong and at Deakin.

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Dr Nishar Hameed Dr Nishar Hameed

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