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08 August 2011
New series of research scholarships on offer.

Deakin University Australia has announced a series of new research scholarship programs for Indian post-graduate students.

The scholarships are designed to promote collaboration with industry through leading-edge research.

Deakin is renowned for its research in advanced materials, nanotechnology, life sciences and health.

These new scholarships will provide an opportunity for post-graduate students from these disciplines to extend their research capability.

The new scholarship programs were announced in Delhi by Australia's Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills, Senator The Hon. Chris Evans and Deakin Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jane den Hollander.

Students who apply for post-graduate scholarships will need to have met minimum requirements in their previous qualification, with research scholarships also taking account of references and face-to-face interviews.

For students enrolling in Research programs, Deakin is offering:

  • Five On Shore PhD Scholarships valued at INR6.9 million (AUD$140,000) each for students to study with Deakin in Australia in 2012;
  • 10 Deakin India Research Initiative Scholarships valued at INR4.8 million (AUD $100,000) each for PhD students who study in India under the Deakin India Research Initiative in 2012.

Students can obtain more information by contacting Deakin International (India), c/o ETP Services Private Limited, 161/ 84, Gulmohar House, 4th Floor, Yusuf Sarai Community Center, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi- 49; Ph: 011-2654 4700 / 2654 4701/ 265.

Ms Shivani Srivastava

Ms Leena Johny

Ms Shilpi Vajpai

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