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15 August 2011
Dr Barry Jones AO tells ADRI immigration forum of the 'tragedy of political pay dirt in getting stuck into minorities'.

One of Australia's best known intellectuals, Dr Barry Jones AO, took part in the Alfred Deakin Research Institute's contribution to Deakin Week recently, a forum titled: "Getting Under The Skin Of Immigration."

Dr Jones lamented the race to the bottom that debate on immigration has taken in Australia in the 21st Century are years of bipartisan support from both sides of politics in Australia.

"The real tragedy has been that sense that there is political day dirt in getting stuck into minorities," Dr Jones said.

He also said he was distressed that the Australian notion of equity and fair go had been inverted.

"People say they should get back in the queue," he said.

"Well there is no queue!"

Hosted by Professor David Lowe, the Director of ADRI, the forum also included Professor Fazal Rizvi and Dr Benjamin Isakhan.

The forum was recorded by Deakin Research Communications and highlights can be viewed below.

Getting under the skin of immigration

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Professor David Lowe Professor David Lowe

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