What is ManuFutures?

ManuFutures is Australia’s unique advanced manufacturing innovation hub, located within the heart of Deakin’s Future Economy Precinct, that helps businesses to accelerate success through its unique facilities, programs and services.

ManuFutures has been a significant and growing part of Deakin’s success since its establishment in 2018, helping create over $1 Billion in company value, hosting over 500 student placements and creating over 120 direct new jobs.

Thanks to a $20 million contribution from the Victorian Government, under the Victorian Higher Education Investment Fund, the already successful hub will now double in size with expansion due for completion in Q3 2022.

The expansion will deliver a new, fully equiped and staffed Product Engineering Development Laboratory, six adjustable sized expansion bays and associated offices. It will also boast a dedicated community and multifunctional space for events, training, industry collaboration and networking.

The cutting edge facility will provide access to Deakin’s advanced equipment, as well as multidisciplinary business, law and technology expertise. ManuFutures’ proven business incubation programs expands into regional Victoria to help start-ups and mature companies on a journey from idea to proof-of-concept, to commercial production to new ventures.

Through its expanded facilities and unique programs and services mentioned below, ManuFutures will help create the manufacturing jobs of the future and build on Australia’s advanced manufacturing capability.

I don't think I would have had the confidence to take this path without ManuFutures. I wouldn't have dreamed of the things I've been exposed to here. It has changed my perspective. Issues can become irrelevant quickly because other people have been through them and are happy to share what they've learned. The set-up allows you to speed up the process of taking an idea, turning it into reality and planning for the future.

Nigel Petrie

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ManuFutures Accelerate

A three-stage training and mentoring pathway offered via the ManuFutures expert business incubation team that supports small teams of hand-picked entrepreneurs with great ideas and limited manufacturing experience on a journey from ideas, to proof-of-concept, to commercial production to new ventures.

The Accelerate progressive pathway includes three programs:

ManuFutures Ignite – A free 12-week workshop and mentoring program to rapidly mature business strategy and ideas.


ManuFutures Bootcamp – A 6-month mentoring program to further develop strategy, manufacturing testing and design and integrated business planning. Includes a $50,000 voucher contribution from the Victorian Government.


ManuFutures Scale Up – Virtual or real-life tenancy at ManuFutures, working beside leading advanced manufacturers with access to research, business mentors, university students and graduates to build commercialisation success.


ManuFutures Engage

Targeted at established business seeking new ways to innovate and grow, this program includes cutting edge gap analysis using the highly-regarded futuremap tool to deliver a roadmap for emerging technologies and new business models. The program includes tailored connections with Deakin’s strong community of expertise, leading research and advanced manufacturing technologies.

ManuFutures Connect - at the ManuFutures Geelong Innovation Centre

A unique product engineering service designed to help small to medium-sized manufacturers maximise their competitiveness and create new global market opportunities. ManuFutures Connect provides a doorway to Deakin’s advanced equipment, and includes bespoke mentoring programs connecting multidisciplinary business, law and technology expertise.

The program also offers access to external industry experts and tenancies in the ManuFutures facility working beside leading advanced manufacturers with access to research, business mentors, university students and graduates.

This project includes co-contributions from the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF).

For further information on our other VHESIF funded projects please visit the links below.

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