Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

Status: LE21

Internal deadlines

Notice of Intent to SubmitMTuesday 19 November 2019
Expression of Interest TBC TBC Opens TBC
Closes TBC
See Help sheet

LE21 scheme opens in RMSN/AWednesday 29 January 2020
Final application submitted to Research Office via RMS M Wednesday 4 March 2020
Via RMS Submit to Research Office
Request Not to Assess O Wednesday 11 March 2020
Email Deakin Research Grants
Certification forms M Wednesday 4 March 2020
Email Deakin Research Grants

O - Optional / M - Mandatory


The Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme (LIEF) provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities to eligible organisations.

The scheme enables higher education researchers to participate in cooperative initiatives, so that expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities can be shared between higher education organisations and also with industry.

The scheme also fosters collaboration through its support of the cooperative use of international or national research facilities.

The objectives of LIEF are to:

  • encourage eligible organisations to develop collaborative arrangements with other eligible organisations and/or their partner organisations to develop and support research infrastructure
  • support large-scale national or international cooperative initiatives thereby allowing expensive research infrastructure to be shared and/or accessed
  • support areas of existing and/or emerging research strength
  • support and develop research infrastructure for the broader research community.

Information from Grant Guidelines for 2020 submissions. To be updated when Grant Guidelines for 2021 submissions are released by the ARC

Funding amounts

Minimum request is $150,000 in a calendar year, for one year only.

Maximum level of funding provided by ARC is up to 75% of the total direct cost of the eligible budget items.

Information from Grant Guidelines for 2020 submissions. To be updated when Grant Guidelines for 2021 submissions are released by the ARC.

How to apply

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent to Submit by the due date.
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest by the due date.
  3. Read the Grants Guidelines, Cross Scheme Eligibility FAQs and Instructions to Applicants - see below for links to ARC documents.
  4. Commence your online application on RMS.
  5. Use the DU templates provided below and liaise with your Case Manager as necessary.
  6. Organise relevant certification forms.

Documents and information

The ARC will no longer publish scheme specific documents on its website, but will make these available through GrantConnect. Links to scheme specific documents can be found below.

Policies and Strategies can still be found on the ARC website.

ARC documents

ARC Policies

Templates, forms and tools

  • Templates
  • A9.2 Major National Facility
  • A10.2 International Facility
  • C1 Project Description
  • D7 ROPE Academic Career and Opportunities
  • D8i ROPE Publication Context and Contribution
  • D8ii ROPE Publication List
  • D9 ROPE Ten Career-best Academic Outputs
  • F2 Summary of Project Direct Costs
  • F3 Justification
  • F4 Details of non-ARC Contributions
  • F5 Summary of Quotes
  • G1 Research Support
  • G2 Statements on Progress
  • Other Documents
  • Certification Form (Investigators and Organisations)
  • LIEF Helpsheet
  • Deakin University Salary Calculator
  • Deakin University Data Management Advice