Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS) - Deakin led LP20 applications

Please note there are three assessment rounds for Linkage Projects 2020:

Round 1 - Internal deadline for compliance check 11th March 2020

Round 2 - Internal deadline for compliance check 8th July 2020

Round 3 - Internal deadline for compliance check 3rd November 2020

Please complete the following details so we can assist you further. Once you submit this NOIS you will receive a confirmation email.

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Deakin University is committed to the Athena Swan initiative. The University aims to establish research teams with gender equity and representation where possible.

Please ensure you actively consider gender equity when formulating your team and endeavour to incorporate a diverse mix of researchers.

Details of Lead CI
Project details
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Date of submission
Anticipated date of submission to Deakin Research Office for compliance checking * *Note: latest submission date 3 November 2020.
Partner organisations
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ARC Medical Research policy: The ARC definition of Medical Research Policy is available at Carefully read this then answer the questions below (Check either the 'Yes' or 'No' box). If any responses are 'Yes', your application will be assessed to ensure it is eligible.
Is your application substantially aimed at understanding human health and or medical goals, including research on aetiology, diagnosis, monitoring, management or treatment of physical or mental disease or other health conditions in humans? *
Will you be carrying out interventional research in humans, including clinical or pre-clinical trials of diagnostic procedures or therapeutic goods (including devices)? *
Will your research be aimed at modifying the medical and/or human health condition or behaviour of human participants? *
Will you use or develop equipment, facilities, tools, games, devices, smart phone apps or other items to better understand, diagnose, monitor, manage or treat medical and/or human health conditions? *
Will the research involve the use or development of animal models of human health conditions, or use of animals for the development or testing of therapeutic goods (including devices) or diagnostic procedures, for the purpose of better understanding human health or developing treatments for human health conditions? *
Use of Barwon Health Facilities
Will this research require the use of Barwon Health facilities, premises or staff resources? *
Use of CSIRO AAHL Facilities
Will this research require the use of CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) facilities, premises or staff resources? *
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