Other funding

Other popular funding schemes

Deakin Research subscribes to Research Professional – a database that allows researchers to set up saved searches and email alerts for funding opportunities of direct relevance to them.  
Research Professional provides guidance sheets to help you establish your profile.  If you need additional support, please contact your faculty/institute Liaison Librarian.

The list below is intended as a guide to some of the more popular funding opportunities. There are many other awards.  Use Research Professional to find those relevant to your level of expertise and discipline.

If you find another opportunity, please lodge a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 43KB) as soon as possible and submit the complete application and signed Grant Application Coversheet (DOC, 31KB) at least 10 working days prior to the external submission date via email to research-grants@deakin.edu.au

Resources to assist you in completing your application and  the Grant Application Coversheet can be found in our Resources and FAQs wiki page. This includes:

  • Research definitions - types of research
  • Costing domestic and international travel
  • Deakin University Salary Rates
  • Grant FAQs

Research Classification Codes come from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Open Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
11 Oct 2019Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research - Early Career Transition Grants25 Oct 2019
17 Oct 2019Academy of social sciences Australia - Australian-France Collaborative Research Program 31 Oct 2019
25 Oct 2019The Ian Potter Foundation - EOI applications for Public Health Research Projects (focus on Indigenous health and/or mental health research and implementation)11 Nov 2019
28 Oct 2019

Australian Academy of Science - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowship

11 Nov 2019
29 Oct 2019JDRF - Novel Therapeutic Strategies to Prevent or Delay Progression of Early Stage Diabetic Retinopathy - Letter of Intent12 Nov 2019
31 Oct 2019Australian Geographic Society Sponsorship14 Nov 2019
31 Oct 2019Australian Rangeland Society Awards14 Nov 2019
01 Nov 2019University of Alberta - QSR-IIQM Research Grant for Early Career Researchers15 Nov 2019
01 Nov 2019Department of Defence - Strategic Policy Grant Program15 Nov 2019
01 Nov 2019Maddie Riewoldt's Vision - Grants in Aid EOI and Program Grants EOI15 Nov 2019
04 Nov 2019Ecological Society of Australia - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment postgraduate research grants18 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019Perpetual IMPACT Philanthropy

LIMITS APPLY - Late NOIS will not be accepted
Shortlisted applicants will be advised
13 Nov 2019Department of the Environment and Energy - Australian Biological Resources Study: National Taxonomy Research Grant Program27 Nov 2019
21 Nov 2019Consumer Policy Research Centre - Research Grant EOI5 Dec 2019
26 Nov 2019Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation - Research Grant10 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019National Landcare Program: Smart Farms Small Grants Round 305 Dec 2019
03 Jan 2020Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife - Community conservation grants17 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020NSW - Office of Responsible Gambling - PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral Fellowships17 Jan 2020
10 Jan 2020VicHealth Research Partnership Grants - Partnerships for Impact Research Grants  and  ARC Linkage or NHMRC Partnership Project24 Jan 2020
07 Jan 2020

Spencer Foundation Research-Practice Partnerships: Collaborative research for educational change

NB. applicants intending on applying must submit an Intent to apply form to funding body by 08 Jan 2020

17 Jan 2020

VicHealth Ideas Partnership Grants

NB: Whilst research institutions are eligible to apply, VicHealth are not looking to fund research under this funding stream

10 Jan 2020VicHealth Alcohol Culture Change Partnership Grants10 Feb 2020
17 Jan 2020St George Foundation Inspire Grant31 Jan 2020
31 Jan 2020NSW Department of Primary Industry - Flagship fish habitat rehabilitation grants - EOI14 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020Victorian Legal Services Board - 2020 Grants Round17 Feb 2020
16 Feb 2020Australian Flora Foundation - Research Grants (application fee required - $552 Mar 2020
18 Feb 2020Human Frontier Science Program International Research Grants - Young Investigators or Program Grant (Applications are accepted from teams (not individuals))04 Mar 2020

Continuous Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
ASAPGeorgina Sweet Travel Support for a Female Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science 10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPVictoria Law Foundation (VLF) - Small Grants
Note: You are strongly encouraged to contact the VLF Grants Manager to discuss your project before applying wherever possible. 
10 working days prior to external submission