Other funding

Other popular funding schemes

Deakin Research subscribes to Research Professional – a database that allows researchers to set up saved searches and email alerts for funding opportunities of direct relevance to them.  
Research Professional provides guidance sheets to help you establish your profile.  If you need additional support, please contact your faculty/institute Liaison Librarian.

The list below is intended as a guide to some of the more popular funding opportunities. There are many other awards.  Use Research Professional to find those relevant to your level of expertise and discipline.

If you find another opportunity, please lodge a Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) (DOC, 43KB) as soon as possible and submit the complete application and signed Grant Application Coversheet (DOC, 31KB) at least 10 working days prior to the external submission date via email to research-grants@deakin.edu.au

Resources to assist you in completing your application and  the Grant Application Coversheet can be found in our Resources and FAQs wiki page. This includes:

  • Research definitions - types of research
  • Costing domestic and international travel
  • Deakin University Salary Rates
  • Research Classification Codes - FOR Codes and SEO Code
  • Grant FAQs

Open Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
11 Jul 2019Department of Health - National Palliative Care Projects25 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019Cancer Council Vic - Venture Grants26 Jul 2019
15 Jul 2019Dementia Australia Research Foundation - Project Grants29 Jul 2019
19 Jul 2019Heart Foundation - Collaboration and Exchange Awards
NB. Applicants must be Heart Foundation funded scholars or fellows
02 Aug 2019
22 Jul 2019Myer Innovation Fellowships 5 Aug 2019
24 Jul 2019NSW Office of Environment and Heritage - Coastal and estuary grants programme - deadline extended7 Aug 2019
25 Jul 2019Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) - Congenital Heart Disease via business.gov22 Aug 2019
29 Jul 2019NSW Office of Environment and Heritage - Protecting our places grants (Must be led by a NSW Aboriginal community organisation / group.) 12 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019Salis Institute Steps to Independence Grants15 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019

***DEADLINE EXTENDED*** Genomics Health Futures Mission - Flagships - Pathogen Genomics MRFF via business.gov

22 Aug 2019
02 Aug 2019Suicide Prevention Australia - Post-Doctoral Fellowship16 Aug 2019
02 Aug 2019Rebecca L Cooper - Project Grants16 Aug 2019
03 Aug 2019The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (USA) - Translational Research Program17 Aug 2019
05 Aug 2019Northern Territory Environment and Natural Resources - Environment Grants19 Aug 2019
05 Aug 2019Engineering Information Foundation - Grant Programs19 Aug 2019
14 Aug 2019

Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPP) National Priorities Pool 2019 Department of Education

LIMITS APPLY - please use this NOIS form. Late NOIS will not be accepted.

Applicants also need to register their intention to submit to Equity@education.gov.au by Friday 16th August

Shortlisted Applicants will be advised
15 Aug 2019

Pierce Armstrong Foundation - Health Wealth & Education of Children

29 Aug 2019
16 Aug 2019CASS Foundation - Medicine and Science grants. Note: Deakin University is an eligible organisation to apply in 2019.30 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019JDRF Australia - Travel Grants (for Early Career, Mid-Career, and Allied Health / Nursing researchers)04 Sep 2019
26 Aug 2019

Australian Psychological Society APS Grant for Intercultural and/or International Projects

09 Sept 2019
28 Aug 2019Victorian Cancer Agency 
Early Career Research Fellowships,
Mid-Career Research Fellowships,
Clinical Research Fellowships, and
Cancer Prevention and Screening Research Grants
11 Sept 2019
30 Aug 2019National Breast Cancer Foundation and Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation - Ovarian and Breast Cancer Research Collaboration Initiative13 Sept 2019
30 Aug 2019Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy Limited - Minor Grants (Practice Enhancement Grants, Marjory Taylor Fellowship, William Cooper Fellowship, Leadership Grant Advanced Practice)13 Sept 2019
30 Aug 2019

Australian Academy of Science Fellowships to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

LIMITS APPLY - Late NOIS will not be accepted

Shortlisted applicants will be advised
02 Sept 2019Financial Markets Foundation for Children - EOI16 Sept 2019
02 Sept 2019

Copyright Agency Cultural Fund Grants for Organisations

LIMITS APPLY - Late NOIS will not be accepted.

Shortlisted applicants will be advised
05 Sept 2019Department of Agriculture - 2020 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (documents available from GrantConnect)19 Sept 2019
06 Sept 2019Rosemary Bryant Foundation - Nursing and Midwifery Research Grants (Accelerator Grant and Seeding Grants)20 Sept 2019
11 Sept 2019Australia-India strategic research fund (AISRF) Early- and Mid-Career Fellowships 202025 Sept 2019
31 Oct 2019Australian Geographic Society Sponsorship14 Nov 2019
31 Oct 2019Australian Rangeland Society Awards14 Nov 2019
04 Nov 2019Ecological Society of Australia - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment postgraduate research grants18 Nov 2019
03 Jan 2020Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife - Community conservation grants17 Jan 2020

Continuous Opportunities

NOIS due Funding Body and Scheme Complete application and signed coversheet
ASAPGeorgina Sweet Travel Support for a Female Keynote Speaker in Quantitative Biomedical Science 10 working days prior to external submission
ASAPVictoria Law Foundation (VLF) - Small Grants
Note: You are strongly encouraged to contact the VLF Grants Manager to discuss your project before applying wherever possible. 
10 working days prior to external submission