Deakin University Research Networks

Internal deadlines

Date Process contact
Monday 23 July 2018
Deadline for Stage 1 Expressions of Interest
Wednesday 8 Aug 2018 DVCR to determine which applications will proceed

DR-Grants will notify applicants of outcome

Monday 8 Oct 2018
Deadline for providing the Stage 2 documentation and any powerpoint
Thursday 11 Oct 2018 Stage 2 presentations to DVCR panel by team representatives
Oct/Nov 2018 DR-Grants will notify applicants of outcome


Deakin University aims to position itself at the forefront of innovative research. It has identified the need to encourage the establishment of major, dynamic and self-sustaining multi-disciplinary, cross-University research networks that are able to forecast and respond to substantial and significant research challenges.


The Scheme aims to:

  • To spearhead innovative University research collaborations and to establish highly productive, visionary teams that demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach to solving large scale, significant research challenges, issues and questions
  • To position the University to attract substantial, future external funding in the form of Research Centres and / or Hubs
  • To build Deakin University’s reputation as being innovative and able to work across disciplinary boundaries, utilising a wide range of its own research expertise to address significant, global issues to produce transformational outcomes

Funding amounts

Stage 1 - up to $10,000 to use over August and September 2018.

Stage 2 - up to $100,000.

How to apply

  1. Read the Guidelines & Conditions
  2. Complete the Stage 1 Expression of Interest form (PART A)
    • Use the following naming convention for your document
      • [SURNAME of primary applicant] DURN Rnd2 EOI eg: FIRKIN- DURN Rnd2 EOI
  3. Submit your application to by the relevant closing date.


Deakin University Research Networks Guidelines & Conditions (PDF)
Deakin University Research Networks Expression of Interest (DOC)