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Interdisciplinary Establishment Grant and Interdisciplinary Project Incubator


The Deakin Science and Society Network (SSN) is committed to supporting science-literate social research and socially-engaged science that makes an impact. It aspires to be an engine for interdisciplinary collaboration at Deakin University.

The Interdisciplinary Establishment Grant supports proposals for activities by Deakin University early and mid-career academic researchers (EMCARs) aimed at establishing new interdisciplinary research collaborations. The scheme will provide up to $5,000 for activities that provide opportunities to communicate new ideas and create new collaborations and networks across disciplines; enable researchers to learn about methods and/or work being undertaken in different disciplines; or facilitate development of new interdisciplinary research collaborative relationships and projects. Interdisciplinary projects should bridge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines and HASS (Humanities and Social Science) disciplines. For more information check the scheme web page.

The Interdisciplinary Project Incubator is a pilot program developed by the DSSN to provide Deakin Early and Mid-Career Academics (EMCARs) with resources, tools and training to conduct high quality and impactful interdisciplinary research. The Incubator will provide up to $10,000 of seed funding, provide support for mentorship, provide regular feedback on project development, and will assist in brokering collaborative interdisciplinary relationships. Interdisciplinary projects should bridge disciplines in the sciences and disciplines in the humanities and social sciences (HASS). For more information check the scheme web page.

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Internal deadlines

SchemeApplications Close
Project Incubator9 September 2019
Establishment Grant9 September 2019


SSN Interdisciplinary Project Incubator - Application form

SSN Interdisciplinary Project Incubator - Guidelines and Selection Criteria

SSN Interdisciplinary Establishment Grant - Application form

SSN Interdisciplinary  Establishment Grant - Guidelines and Selection Criteria