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Deakin trial shows soft drink price rise reduces consumption

12 September 2017

Sales of soft drinks within a Melbourne hospital dropped by more than a quarter during an Australian-first trial of a sugar tax, monitored by researchers at Deakin University's Global Obesity Centre.

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Deakin academics shine spotlight on Australia's neglected 'pretirees'

15 September 2017

Two Deakin University academics are calling for a national shift in awareness on 'pretirees' as they approach a crucial fork in the road that can lead to either healthy ageing or chronic disease threats.

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Deakin partners with Victorian Parliament for youth engagement program

14 September 2017

A cohort of Deakin University students has been tasked by Victorian Parliament with researching and developing a way to enhance the 160-year-old political institution's connection with young Victorians.

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Exploring Van Gogh and the myth of the troubled genius

9 January 2017

Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh famously cut off his own ear and spent years in asylum while painting his masterpieces, but according to a Deakin psychiatry expert the myth of the troubled genius should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Increase fuel excise to curb obesity-related costs: Deakin study

4 May 2017

Deakin health experts have come up with a novel way to shed more than $30 million from Australia's annual obesity-related health bill while increasing activity levels: lift petrol taxes.

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Study shows sugar tax would benefit low income groups

28 June 2017

A major criticism of the public health lobby's proposed sugar sweetened beverage tax - that it would unfairly punish disadvantaged groups - has been debunked by new research from Deakin's Global Obesity Centre.

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Deakin ranked world's best for sports science

8 December 2016

Deakin University's School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences has been ranked the world's best in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ratings of Sport Science Schools and Departments.

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New Deakin study shows old drugs far better at treating bipolar

25 January 2017

A new Deakin University and Barwon Health study has found an old treatment for bipolar is much more effective than a newer medication.

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World-first trial puts healthy supermarkets to the taste test

12 May 2017

A first-of-its-kind trial encouraging Australians to make healthy choices at the supermarket will be launched today, thanks to a $550,000 grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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Old antibiotic could form new depression treatment

7 July 2017

An antibiotic used mostly to treat acne has been found to improve the quality of life for people with major depression, in a world-first clinical trial from Deakin University.

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Father's Day a good reminder to keep an eye out for new dads: Deakin expert

31 August 2017

Father's Day is a timely reminder that all new parents sometimes need extra support, according to a Deakin University researcher.

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Compatibility critical when searching for a subantarctic shag

1 September 2017

The old adage that opposites attract doesn't seem to translate to the avian dating scene, or at least not with Kerguelen shags, a subantarctic, diving seabird that has been recently found to breed with a monogamous mate that best matches its feeding habits.

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Deakin trial diverts tonnes of food waste from landfill

6 September 2017

Hundreds of tonnes of greenhouse gas-producing food waste could be saved from landfill each year thanks to an innovative new environmental system at Deakin University.

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Deakin launches new start-up for VR emergency service training

4 September 2017

Deakin University has launched a new start-up business to share the power of its virtual reality firefighting simulator, the FLAIM Trainer.

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Deakin to skill up sandwich generation to care for young and elderly

4 September 2017

The growing membership of Australia’s

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Reliance on social media for news could impact intercultural relations in Australia: Deakin study

11 September 2017

Australians born overseas are more reliant on social media for local and international news than those born in this country, a Deakin University study has found.

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Active transport and independent travel important for children

21 February 2017

A new study published today in Health and Place has provided novel information on patterns of children's active transport and independent travel that could be used to help children and adolescents be more physically active in the future.

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Study shows big-billed birds spend more time snuggling in against the cold

5 January 2017

Bigger isn't always better - at least not in the bird kingdom, with new Deakin University research finding that the larger a bird's bill the longer they spend trying to snuggle it in against the cold.

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Deakin research discovers most demanding netball positions

31 May 2017

A world-first study from Deakin University's Centre for Sport Research has ranked positions in elite netball according to required playing intensity, with some surprising results.

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Deakin builds robotic surgical system with sense of touch

13 October 2016

Deakin University innovation will give surgeons the sense of touch while they drive a robot to conduct keyhole surgery via a computer.

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