Facts about Islam key to anti-Muslim prejudice: Deakin study

14 August 2018

A Deakin University study has found that having more factual knowledge of Islam and contact with Muslims is linked to less prejudice against Muslims.

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Deakin welcomes $8m from NHMRC for world-leading health research

15 August 2018

Deakin will develop two new research centres to investigate transformation of Australia's food environments and to develop new therapies for the most common psychiatric disorders, thanks to new funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

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Deakin continues rapid rise in today's prestigious ARWU rankings news

15 August 2018

Deakin University has consolidated its climb up the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), edging two places higher to 211th position in this year's placings, announced today.

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20 October 2017

New research by Deakin University and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) has put a spotlight on how adolescent girls' relationships with their parents can later affect their bonding experience with their own children.

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Syrian lives in the balance while UN debates its remit to protect civilians: Deakin research

21 May 2018

The very instrument the United Nations established to protect citizens from state-sanctioned atrocities is preventing the international community from saving the lives of Syrian civilians, according to new research from Deakin University Middle East politics researchers.

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Anzac legend more culturally powerful than Easter and Christmas: Deakin historian

23 April 2018

Recent publicity surrounding Anzac Day has reinforced how Australians’ protection of Anzac Day from blatant commercialisation has elevated its cultural significance above religious events like Christmas and Easter, according to a Deakin University war historian.

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Changes needed to make 'mums groups' dad-friendly: Deakin study

7 August 2018

Modern parenting groups are perpetuating gender stereotypes that lock out fathers from important support services, an Australian-first study from Deakin University has found.

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Study gives PNG people a voice in debate on China's Pacific aid

3 July 2018

A Deakin University study has found that while Papua New Guinea is yet to reach a uniform view of the aid it receives from China, Australia's influence in the Pacific region was under threat.

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How to keep physically active in the depths of winter: Deakin expert

25 July 2018

Are you a 'fair weather' exerciser? It can be really frustrating to work hard on getting fit over the warmer months, only to lose it all in the depths of winter.

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Deakin study evaluates impact of high-rise parenting on children's health

27 July 2018

Family-friendly design guidelines for apartment buildings must be introduced to promote the health of the growing number of children being raised in Melbourne's high-rise apartments, according to a new Deakin University study.

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How to deal with baby's food rejection: Deakin expert

30 July 2018

Babies starting to eat solids foods go through a learning process and moving from a liquid diet of milk, to purees to lumpy food, can be easy for some babies, but a struggle for others, according to a Deakin University child nutrition expert.

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Feeling like 'real self' on antidepressants can influence treatment

31 July 2018

Feeling 'authentic' when taking antidepressants can influence how people with depression feel about staying on their medication, or taking it in the first place, according to recently published research from a Deakin University bioethicist.

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Deakin to remove plastic straws from campus food venues

31 July 2018

Deakin University has pledged to stop using plastic straws, with the final straw being removed from campuses in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool this week as part of an organisation-wide sustainability effort.

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Online artefacts of the dead should not be deleted: Deakin expert

2 August 2018

In the absence of legal and ethical regulation the digital remains of those who have passed away should be kept alive, according to a Deakin University philosophy expert.

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Deakin law student's fight for mercy for NT man sentenced for murder

10 August 2018

Deakin law staff and students are playing a key role in the fight to release a young Aboriginal man currently serving a life sentence in the Northern Territory for a murder he did not physically commit.

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Deakin ranked among most innovative companies in Australia and NZ

1 August 2018

Deakin has welcomed the release of the 2018 Australian Financial Review's 100 Most Innovative Companies list, which ranked the University as the 33rd most innovative company in Australia and New Zealand.

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Deakin once again ranked world's best for sports science

19 September 2017

Deakin University's School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences has cemented its position as the world’s best, according to the ARWU Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments 2017, coming in at number one for the second year running.

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Aus-first study shows cost-effective way to reduce office sitting time

6 August 2018

The introduction of sit-stand desks and associated support for Australian office workers could be a cost-effective way to reduce spiralling rates of obesity-related health issues, according to a newly published economic evaluation from Deakin University.

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Deakin researchers discover how to transform jeans into joints

9 August 2018

Denim jeans could be transformed into artificial cartilage for joint reconstruction thanks to advanced textile recycling methods pioneered by researchers at Deakin University.

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Active transport and independent travel important for children

21 February 2017

A new study published today in Health and Place has provided novel information on patterns of children's active transport and independent travel that could be used to help children and adolescents be more physically active in the future.

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