Adolescence to Young Adulthood

This stream focuses on a poorly understood but critical developmental period that marks the transition from adolescence to young adult life. For many, new relationships, new freedoms, and new opportunities for self-discovery will support internal integration of positive and painful emotion, and clarification of values necessary for secure social connection. For others, unresolved experiences of social disconnection and painful emotion from prior periods will converge to make this one of the most risky transitions in the early life course, across which rates of violence, drug use and mental disorder peak in prevalence and cause greatest harm. We focus on the earliest opportunities to promote emotional regulation and social connection across emerging adulthood. 

Our aims are:

  1. to define developmentally appropriate indicators of emotional growth from late adolescence into young adulthood

  2. to link these to developmentally targeted interventions that address risk and promote wellbeing

  3. to support the development of a comprehensive monitoring program through developmentally integrated (Conception to Adulthood) clinical, educational and public health services.

Research Focus Areas

The Deakin Centre for Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Research (CEDAAR)

The Deakin Centre for Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Research (CEDAAR) is a Specialist Research Centre that conducts research into the psychological, biological, socio-political, and clinical aspects of Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) use, related behaviour, and consequent harm. Our program is a specialist research centre of the Deakin Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED), as we look to understand many of the problems associated with substance and related harms from a developmentally informed perspective.

Young Adulthood Emotional Growth Index

The purpose of the Young Adult Emotional Growth Index Project is to identify a definitive set of socio-emotional indicators as they relate to the period spanning late adolescence and into emerging adulthood. The index will be developed within leading Australian longitudinal datasets running through SEED, the Melbourne Children’s Campus, and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.