The Australian Centre on Quality of Life (ACQOL)

The Australian Centre on Quality of Life (ACQOL) was established to study evidence-based measures for quality of life. ACQOL formed a partnership with Australian Unity in 2001 to develop the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index - a national survey which uses several indicators to measure subjective life quality. The centre is committed to improving our understanding of life quality through both theory development and empirical research.

Research team

Professor Craig Olsson
Director, Deakin Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development
Professor Jane McGillivray
Acting Head, School of Psychology
Dr Delyse Hutchinson
Australian Unity Senior Research Fellow
Stephen Lunn
Australian Unity Representative
Shaun Brown
Executive Officer
Professor Nicole Rinehart
Disability Consultant
Professor John Toumbourou
Community Psychology Consultant
Professor Ben Richardson
Statistical Consultant
Professor Lina Ricciardelli
Body Image Consultant
Professor Jane Speight
Health Psychology Consultant
Associate Professor Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz
Statistical Consultant
Associate Professor Mark Stokes
Statistical Consultant
Dr Anna L. D. Lau
International Research Consultant
Associate Professor David Austin
Psychological Service Consultant
Dr Antonina Mikocka-Walus
Health Psychology Consultant
Dr Melissa Weinberg
Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Tomyn
Adolescence consultant
Dr RoseAnne Misajon
Health Psychology Consultant
Sarah Khor
Executive Data Analyst
Tanja Capic
Data Analyst and Webmaster
Ann-Marie James
Executive Secretary
Josipa Crnic
Scholarly Services Librarian