Using large-scale, longitudinal data to inform education policies

Friday 12 August

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Education laws are generally designed to impact large swaths of students, teachers and administrators. Using the Texas Longitudinal Data System (TLDS), the Research for EDucator Equity and Excellence (REDEE) Centre is conducting quantitative and mixed methods research studies on teacher preparation and employment to determine how these factors impact student achievement. Using two decades of data on 5+ million primary and secondary students enrolled annually and their 400,000 teachers, the REDEE Centre's goal is to conduct research that informs education policies that improve the quantity, quality and diversity of the teacher supplies and that ensure all students are equitably taught by qualified teachers.

As co-founder and co-executive director of the REDEE Centre, Dr James Van Overschelde will share some of the many TLDS-based studies being undertaken on the teacher preparation pipeline, the impacts of different types of clinical teaching experience on student achievement, the racial and gender biases present in principal evaluations of new teachers and the negative impacts of sub-qualified teachers on student achievement in secondary Math and English.


Dr James P. Van Overschelde
Associate Professor of Secondary Education, College of Education
Texas State University

Dr James P. Van Overschelde is an associate professor of secondary education in the College of Education at Texas State University. He earned his PhD in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology from the University of Colorado where he studied methods for optimising learning. In 2020, Dr Van Overschelde co-founded the REDEE Centre and serves as its co-executive director.

From 2012-2022, Dr Van Overschelde was also the director of evaluation and research for the University’s Office of Educator Preparation, one of the largest university preparers of teachers in America. In that role, Dr Van Overschelde conducted much of the research and evaluation activities for program improvement, as well as for state and national accountability and accreditation.

His research focuses on the impacts of teacher preparation and teacher employment environments on student achievement in english, math, and science using big data and rigorous quantitative methods. Dr Van Overschelde has received over $20 million (USD) in research grants, published dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and serves on state and national education research committees. He also serves as associate editor for the premier Journal of Teacher Education.