VCE Food and Nutrition: Turning theory into practice

Monday 30 May – Friday 24 June

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Deakin University’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences offers VCE Food Studies students the opportunity to gain an insight into topical areas of food and nutrition in a laboratory environment at our Melbourne Burwood Campus.


Monday 30 May–Friday 3 June 2022
Monday 20 June–Friday 24 June 2022

Please note: There are two time slots available per day

For any enquiries, please call 9244 5052 or email School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Session information

Lab 1: Food makers

Linked to VCE Food Studies Unit 2: Food Makers
Area of Study 2:
Food in the Home

In this experience, we will explore the three basic methods of sensory evaluation. Discrimination testing will be conducted to determine whether a difference exists between food samples. Descriptive testing will be conducted to determine the nature and intensity of attributes in food samples. Preference testing will be conducted to determine how well food samples are liked. How these tests relate to the science of judging and evaluating the quality of food by the use of the senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing) will then be discussed.

Our VCE School Visit Program provides Food Studies students with valuable, practical laboratory experiences that will illustrate and demonstrate the applications of important food industry principles.

Lab 2: Healthy and Sustainable Food from Paddock to Plate

Linked to VCE Food Studies Unit 4: Food issues, challenges and futures
Area of Study 1: Environment and ethics
Area of Study 2: Navigating food information

In this experience, students will have the opportunity to track fresh food items from paddock to plate, and incorporate a variety of activities addressing sustainability, food waste, packaging and labelling. Areas of focus include:

  • Use of specialised laboratory equipment, similar to that used in industry, to determine food quality in considering food waste and sustainability
  • Prepare and evaluate a food product using food manufacturer equipment and processes
  • Evaluate the supply chain of a food product from paddock to plate
  • Explore packaging techniques that could be applied to food products
  • Review the labelling requirements used on food packaging.