VCE Physical Education – Exercise and Sports Science: Turning theory into practice

Physical Education

Monday 14 – Friday 18 June 2021
Monday 21 – Friday 25 June 2021

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Deakin University’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences offers VCE physical education students the opportunity to gain an insight into topical areas of exercise and sports science in a laboratory environment at our Melbourne Burwood Campus.


Monday 14 – Friday 18 June, 2021
Monday 21 – Friday 25 June, 2021

Price: $150 + GST per session. Max 25 students per session.

For any enquiries, email or call 9244 5052.

Lab 1: Physiological assessment of exercise

Linked to VCE Physical Education Unit 1: The Human Body in Motion; and
Unit 3: Movement Skills and Energy for Physical Activity.
Area of Study: How does the body produce energy?

In this lab, students will explore common laboratory methods to assess aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Aerobic capacity will be assessed using a progressive exercise test and assessment of the lactate inflection point will also be discussed, which can be applied to sporting contexts and pacing strategies. The anaerobic energy systems will be assessed using a 10s and 30s power test on a bicycle ergometer. Students will also learn how these tests relate to fitness and energy system utilisation during exercise.

Lab 2: Kinematics of movement: Resistance training

Linked to VCE Physical Education Unit 4: Training to Improve Performance.
Area of Study: How is training implemented effectively to improve performance.

In this lab, students will instruct, perform and analyse several foundational resistance training exercises such as the squat and the bench press. Kinematics of movement will be explored using GymAware software. Students will evaluate vertical jump performance of class members using portable force plates, and assess the effects of vibration training on vertical jump performance. The principles of chronic muscle adaptation in response to resistance training will be discussed as part of this session, with a focus on integrating resistance training in to athletes programs to enhance sporting performance.

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Dates and times

Monday 14 – Friday 18 June 2021
Monday 21 – Friday 25 June 2021

Two timeslots per day: 10am-12pm & 1-3pm


Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood, VIC 3125