Karina Roby



Bachelor of Education

Graduation year



Burwood Campus

Current position

Teacher – Monash Children’s Hospital School


Interview with Karina Roby

Tell us about your current role – what does a typical day look like for you?

Working at the hospital can vary greatly from one day to the other. Each morning I find out who is on the ward and who is coming in for outpatient appointments. I make my way around to talk to students and their parents about school and what they can work on while they are here. I run a number of groups for both primary and secondary students, work individually at bedsides, contact schools and coordinate for students work, attend medical meetings and family meetings and work closely with allied health, medical and other educational staff. Due to the number of students I work with, my days are a bit of a whirlwind and just go so quickly.

What is the best/most rewarding part of your job?

Assisting children feel like they can continue to achieve and meet educational outcomes even though they are unwell.

What were some of the memorable experiences you had at Deakin? i.e. social, academic, intellectual.

Studying at Deakin was such a great time! The course had a great mix of theory and really practical activities. I was able to major in Physical Education and more specifically in Outdoor Education, so my days usually included a sports or a pool session. The tutors and lecturers provided a real motivation to learn and progress through the course to eventually work in the field. The University had a great social vibe, with many organised activities, fantastic bands and a bar. Great friendships were made participating in these activities and through course work and practicums.

Did you learn anything from your Deakin studies to take directly to the workforce?

Education at Deakin gave me many practical ideas to take directly to teaching in a class. It was definitely the foundation to my career. Many of my current friends, also studied at Deakin. These links have provided fantastic networking and opportunities for continuous learning.

What are your career highlights?

Working in both mainstream, a staff professional development role and in the hospital setting.