Richard Everist



Bachelor of Arts- majoring in journalism, creative writing and drama

Graduation year



Waurn Ponds

Current position

Co-founder of 'Around The Sun'


From co-editing Deakin's student newspaper 'The Planet' in 1980, Richard Everist has had a successful career in journalism, marketing, and publishing.

Interview with Richard Everist

Can you tell us about your time at Deakin? Is there anything you especially remember?
Excellent lecturers and tutors. Innovative inter-disciplinary curricula. High-quality off-campus course materials. The magic of The Mill Theatre. Magic mushrooms. Surfing. Music. Parties. Other stuff.

The Planet. Deakin University's student newspaper. I was co-editor with Dorinda Talbot in 1980.

What has been your journey since finishing your course? Briefly outline your career path prior to your current role.

  • Longman Chesire– marketing,
  • The Age– sub-editor,
  • Lonely Planet– PR, editor, writer, global publisher,
  • Peregrine Adventures– CEO,
  • BestShot Publications– co-founder,
  • Around The Sun– co-founder.

What has been the biggest influence on your career?
Reading and travelling.

Have you always wanted to pursue the kind of career you have embarked on? If so, when and how did you realise?
No. I experimented. Life isn't static, neither are careers. Careers unfold largely thanks to the opportunities that present themselves. Different opportunities present themselves depending on your own gifts but also many extraneous factors, including your parents, your place of birth, world events - and dumb luck.

What advice would you give graduates wanting to pursue a similar profession?
Don't ever say no to an opportunity and never set limits on yourself.
Ask two questions: What do I want to do with my life? And how will I finance my life? If the answer to the first question doesn't automatically provide an answer to the second, you have to answer the second by finding something tolerable that you can do  that will still enable you to pursue the answer to the first. Bear in mind, if you are reasonably capable and you follow a passion for 10 years you will end up an expert. And if you are an expert there is almost always someone who will pay you for your expertise.

What do you believe Deakin University has shown you/given you as a person?
Deakin encouraged me to think clearly, analytically and creatively.

What are your passions outside your work?
My wife. My family. Living each day to the full.

How would someone describe you?
A wide range of adjectives have been applied - so it depends which 'someone' you ask.

Is there any advice you would give to a person who is starting out in your career?
Don't ever say no to an opportunity. It is vitally important to be an active participant, to be moving, to be exploring, to be having a go. That's how you find opportunities, and that's how opportunities find you. Don't judge job opportunities by pay or status. It's better to have any job than no job. And no matter how irrelevant the job might seem, it's more important to get a job in a really good organisation - one that you want to be part of and that is dynamic, growing and ethical -  than it is to get a high-paying, high-status job for a company that you don't admire and that is static or unethical or both.