Anonymous Deakin University Student Conduct Reporting Form

This form can be used to submit anonymous reports of student behaviour, as well as reports from members of the public. You do not need to include your name or contact details.
Please note that if you do not add your contact details, you will need to ensure that as much information and evidence is submitted with your form. If you chose not to include your name and email, we are unable to make contact with you to follow-up.
If you are a member of the public, please provide as much detail as possible regarding the incident and, preferably, include a contact name and email.

This form should not be used for urgent matters. Please call security on 1800 062 579 if there is an urgent or immediate behavioural concern on campus, for off campus urgent matters, please call your local police station or 000 as appropriate.

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  • If you are submitting an enquiry, this can be done to seek advice on something that you have witnessed or be made aware of, and does not necessarily lead to any behavioural concern or misconduct allegation investigation.
  • To raise a behavioural concern may mean that you are not sure whether the behaviour constitutes a breach in the Student Code of Conduct of University policies, but you are worried about a behavioural you have witnessed or experienced. The Student Conduct Office will get back to you about how the situation can be managed.
  • Submitting an allegation involves the initial consideration of the evidence and the assessment of whether or not there is a potential breach of the Student Code of Conduct and related policies.
  • By clicking submit I acknowledge that this information will be submitted to the Student Conduct Office who will investigate the matter. I understand that the team may have to get back into contact with me to verify or gather more facts. The information included in this form and in any subsequent investigations will remain confidential as described in the Student Misconduct processes

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