Managing expenses

Managing expenses

Planning your budget

The best method of assessing your financial needs is to have a budget. A budget planner will help you prepare for the coming year. You can ensure that you don't run out of money for those important things that you need to pay for during the year.


ASIC's MoneySmart website can provide you with some handy information to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Costs to keep in mind

Costs associated with university, don't just involve fees! You should consider living expenses, books, transport, technology and more. Careful budget planning is important for university students.


ASIC's MoneySmart online budget planner gives you an overall picture of your money - where it is coming from (e.g. Centrelink, Job, parents, savings) and how you are spending it (e.g. text books, mobile phone, transport, with friends).

Buying a computer and technology equipment

One of the expenses many students face at the commencement of University studies is the purchase of a computer and related technologies. Deakin University works in an online environment and all students are required to have computer access. We provide on-site technology laboratories for students to use.

If you are looking to buy technology equipment shop around and keep an eye out for specials and sale items. Software and applications are available from the Deakin Software Library.

There are a number of not-for-profit companies who sell refurbished PC's from government and business organisations to students. For example, WorkVentures have refurbished computers donated by large corporations.

Financial preparation for placement/practicum

As part of your course, you may be required to undertake a placement or participate in experiential learning. There can be additional costs associated with this and it is good to be prepared. If your course has a placement component, you should consider:

  • Where the placement will be and whether you will need to pay for accommodation and living expenses.
  • Whether additional travel expenses will be involved.
  • If you have the right clothes (you want to be making the right impression) and if you will need to buy appropriate clothing.
  • Whether you will need your own specialised equipment.
  • Additional childcare – if you normally pay for child care for 3 days and placement is 5 then you will need additional arrangements.

Finding out at the beginning of the year if you will be facing these expenses allows you to budget and plan your purchases without having to borrow.

Deakin library fines

The library has a process for overdue items and penalties. For further information and tips to avoid overdue items, penalties and encumbrances see 'borrowing information for students'.

Government assistance

The government site Study Assist is a source for prospective and continuing higher education students. There is information about the Higher Education Loan Schemes, such as HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP, OS-HELP, scholarships and other essential information to assist in making decisions about higher education in Australia.

University fees and costs

To find everything about tuition fees and other fees and charges associated with studying, refer to fees.

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