Request to waive prerequisite or corequisite

Request a waiver if you wish to undertake a unit without having completed the prerequisite or corequisite unit.


Corequisite unit/s must be completed prior to or simultaneously with a particular unit before your enrolment in that unit will be regarded as effective. If a corequisite rule exists it will be specified in the handbook.

Prerequisite unit/s must be successfully completed before your enrolment in that unit will be regarded as effective. If a prerequisite rule exists it will be specified in the handbook.

To be considered for a waiver, you must meet the following criteria

As unit rules exist to ensure you are best placed to succeed in your course, requests to waive or vary them for individuals are not encouraged. Requests will only be considered by faculty academic assessment if you meet the following criteria, with suitable progression in your current studies. Applications that do not meet the below criteria will only be considered in exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis.

  • You have at least the minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for your faculty:
    Faculty Minimum WAM
    Arts and Education Assessed on a case by case basis
    Business and Law 60
    Health Assessed on a case by case basis
    Science, Engineering and Built Environment 60
  • You have passed all your units for the last two study periods
  • You have not previously attempted and failed the prerequisite unit
  • It would not be possible to schedule the unit later in your degree (a request should not be made if you are able to complete the prerequisite/corequisite without delaying the duration of your course)

How to request a waiver

Using the form below, submit your request to waive a prerequisite or corequisite.

  • If you wish to request to waive a prerequisite for a language unit, please do not use this form. There is a separate process for waiving language unit prerequisites, and you will need to contact the Language Coordinator directly (please refer to the Handbook for the relevant contact).
  • You may request to undertake a prerequisite concurrently as a corequisite, if the prerequisite unit is offered in the same study period.
  • Requests can be submitted at any time, and depending on the assessment of your request, you may be advised of the outcome after result release. Requests will be assessed by the end of the second week of trimester to align with the last date to add units.
  • Please ensure you provide relevant information in the 'reason for prerequisite/corequisite request' section, as this is taken into consideration in the assessment process.
  • This form can be used to apply for multiple waiver requests.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Your details
Unit details
Have you previously failed the prerequisite/corequisite unit? *
Do you wish to add another unit to this request? *
Student declaration * By submitting this request, I understand and am aware that
  • If this prerequisite or corequisite waiver request is granted, I cannot receive special consideration based on academic preparation purposes for the unit, should I fail.
  • I have referred to the trimester/semester dates in the handbook and am aware of the dates relating to withdrawal of units and any related financial or academic penalties.
  • My application will need to be considered and approved prior to making any changes to course or unit requirements, and that submission doesn’t ensure approval.
  • By submitting this form I acknowledge the above, wish to proceed.

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