Academic Integrity breach reply

This form is used as an electronic reply for any students who have received a letter alleging a breach of Academic Integrity from the Faculty of Arts and Education, Faculty Academic Progress and Integrity Committee (FAPIC).

Please ensure you complete the form below.

If you do not receive a confirmation email upon completion of this form, your submission has not been received.

If you require further information regarding your allegation please contact the FAPIC team directly:
Arts and Education FAPIC - Burwood Campus
Arts and Education FAPIC - Geelong Campus

Information about Student Misconduct can be found in the below University legislation and policies:

  • Regulation 4.1(1) General Misconduct
  • Regulation 4.1(2) Academic and Research Integrity
  • All other policies can be found in The Guide
  • Student Information
    Course Details
    Allegation and Hearing
    Your hearing has been scheduled for * The time of your hearing will be advised upon receipt of this reply form
    Please be aware that you cannot be accompanied by a practising lawyer.
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