HDR Confirmation Colloquia

General confirmation colloquia proceedings

Confirmation Colloquia Proceedings

The University has specific requirements around the time limits for confirmation colloquia. They are as follows:

Masters Degree

  • full time must be confirmed within 6 months
  • part time must be confirmed within 12 months

Doctoral Degree

  • confirmation for full time candidates will be scheduled at 9 months and must be completed within 12 months
  • confirmation for part time candidates will be scheduled at 15 months and must be completed within 18 months

Apart from the Faculty information below, you will find additional information about the confirmation on the Deakin Research website

General Questions Underpinning Confirmation (PDF, 69.8 KB)

Format of Proceedings for Private Confirmation (PDF, 106.2 KB)

Format of Proceedings for Public Confirmation  (PDF 313kb)

Faculty Confirmation Proposal and Procedures (PDF, 97.2 KB)

Confirmation Colloquium Panel (PDF, 79.3 KB)

Supervisor's Confirmation Colloquium responsibilities (PDF, 68.6 KB)

Candidate's Confirmation Colloquium responsibilities (PDF, 54.8 KB)

Faculty Transfer / Upgrade Procedures (PDF, 146.1 KB)

Further information for supervisors and chairs is available on the staff wiki pages

Check scheduled confirmation dates

Confirmation Colloquia Schedule

If you wish to confirm the date of a confirmation,  please contact artsed-colloq@deakin.edu.au

Confirmation colloquia reports (staff only)

Sample documents

Sample Confirmation Documents

Education Sample 1

Communication and Creative Arts
Writing and Literature

Humanities and Social Sciences Sample 1

Instructions for connecting into confirmation via VMP

Instructions for connecting into a confirmation colloquium

Video conferencing - Deakin campuses only (PDF, 94.9 KB)

Video conferencing - external panel member connecting to Deakin system - please contact artsed-research@deakin.edu.au to arrange this

Voice point - joining in the colloquium by phone only (either internally or for external participants) (PDF, 79.6 KB)

it's possible to join a VMP from anywhere via Skype for Business.

Possible outcomes of the confirmation process

If a part two is required, the candidate is required to repeat the confirmation process, including a public presentation

Progress Management Panel

For further information on Progress Management Panels (PMP) please go to http://www.deakin.edu.au/students/faculties/artsed/research/progress-management-panels

Student services desk

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