Industry specific internship advice

Bachelor of Communication students enrolled in the following courses have a core internship sequence in their course:

  • A325 Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)
  • A331 Bachelor Communication (Journalism) - commencing 2018 onwards
  • A333 Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media) - commencing 2018 onwards
  • A334 Bachelor of Communication (Advertising)

If you are in one of these courses, you will complete a 2 credit point communication internship sequence, comprised of:

  • ACC320 Communication Internship A: Placement (1 credit point). This unit allows you to gain firsthand experience in a professional workplace related to your study area. You will be required to source and secure a placement of 100-120 hours (maximum 160 hours) in duration. Hours can be completed part-time or full-time. ACC320 enrolment will be concurrent with your internship placement.
    ACC320 is available all trimesters.
  • ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development (1 credit point) is all about you and your career development as you build on your internship experience. You will enrol in ACC321 the trimester after you complete your ACC320 placement hours.
    ACC321 is available Trimester 1 and 2 only.

These units replace unit ALR382 Professional Communication Internship. The last offering of ALR382 was T1 2018.


You will not be able to self-enrol into ACC320 or ACC321 unless you have registered your approved internship with the WIL team.

The 3-step internship process can be found on this page.You will first secure an internship supervised by a professional in your discipline area, and then register your internship with the WIL team. Once approved, you will be given access to enrol into ACC320 (in the trimester that you complete your internship hours) and ACC321 (in the trimester after you are enrolled in ACC320).

You must register your placement at least two weeks before you commence any internship hours - placements already commenced without university approval will not be eligible for academic credit. Internship hours cannot be counted retrospectively.

You must complete all of your internship hours, before you commence ACC321, as this unit follows-on from your experience and reflection in ACC320. This means that if you enrol in ACC320 in Trimester 3, you must complete all of your internship hours before the end of Trimester 3 in order to start ACC321 in Trimester 1.


Your internship should be supervised by a professional with experience in your discipline area. For example, if you are a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) student, your internship should be related to Journalism, and supervised by either a practicing Journalist, or a professional with a background in Journalism in a cognate area.

Sequence / Timing

Students typically complete their internship in between second and third year, in trimester 3 - however you can choose when to complete your internship as it suits your individual course progression and career planning. It is important to note that you cannot enrol in ACC320 and ACC321 at the same time, so you should factor this into your planning if you are graduating soon.


Regarding preparation, submitting an internship application or enrolment:

Contact Work Integrated Learning

Unit Chair and academic supervisor:

Bronwyn Kirby, Lecturer and Work Integrated Learning Coordinator - Communication

Phone: 03 5227 1336 Email:

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