Research Software

The University provides staff and students with access to a range of software products to support research. These include statistical and data analytics software - SPSS, Amos and QSR Nvivo, Stata, SAS and Matlab.

Software can be installed from the Software Center app on your Deakin’s computer, accessed via Apps on Demand or requested via the Software Catalogue.

Further information and instruction for requests can be referred to: -

Deakin Software Library

What is the Software Catalogue?

Software FAQs

For a list of Subscription Databases and related tools provided by the Faculty, please visit the Faculty Databases page.

Survey Tools - Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey platform.

The University Wide license for Qualtrics can be accessed via using the Single Sign On (SSO), instruction - IT Help - Access to Qualtrics - University Wide licence (

Qualtrics support can be accessed directly online which includes on-demand webinars and live training. and a 24/7 support centre.

Note: The University’s licence does not cover the recruitment of respondents, but contact list can upload or can survey respondents send from a survey panel.

Deakin eResearch (DUeR) also routinely provides training on Qualtrics and statistical packages. Their survey design and data analysis support services can be requested via the eSolution portal.

How to access Qualtrics:
Access Support:eSolutions

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