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PhDs are available in the following areas:


The Department of Accounting invites applications from candidates who wish to pursue a high-quality research project in the area of auditing and assurance, on the following PhD research topic: 'Audit implications of audit partner characteristics'. The Department is highly reputed for its research expertise in the area of auditing and assurance. The supervisory panel for the proposed research area will be led by Professor Ferdinand Gul, a distinguished auditing scholar ranked among the top 10 accounting-audit researchers in the world, publishing widely in leading accounting, auditing and finance journals.

For further information, please contact, or Dr Arifur Khan,


The Department of Economics invites applications for the PhD programme in Economics. The successful candidate will work as a PhD Student on a Research Project titled "Democracy, Public Policy and Information" under the supervision of Professor Jaideep Roy, Professor Randy Silvers and Professor C-J Sun. The goal of the project is to examine the channels through which informed commentary, via various forms of media and expert organisations, affect public policies in social groups like Juries or Electorates, when experts may have ideological bias vis a vis the preferences of the silent majority. Issues like political extremism, implementation of unpopular policies, initiation of social conflict and harshness of Jurisdictions will be amongst some of the themes that the project will address as a consequence of strategic information transmission from experts in the society. The Department is ranked 6th (in Australia) and its research is categorised as 'at or above the world standard' at the 2015/16 round of Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings. Applicants with a Masters or Honours Level training in game theory, microeconomic theory and economic modelling will have a priority.

For further information, please contact, or Prof. Jaideep Roy, Dr Aaron Nicholas


The Department of Finance invites applications for a doctoral study on 'Investment choices and resources allocations of business groups in emerging markets'. Working with Associate Professor Harminder Singh and Dr Hong Feng Zhang, the PhD student will examine investment policies and financing choices of business groups in emerging capital markets. The successful applicant should demonstrate in-depth understanding of the theories of corporate finance, knowledge of econometrics and good communication skills.

For further information, please contact, or Dr Saikat Sovan Deb,


Deakin Law School invites applications for the 2017 PhD programme in Law. Key areas of research expertise include: Anti-discrimination law, Comparative law, Constitutional law, Corporate governance, Data and the law, Energy and natural resources law, Health law, Intellectual property, International law, Legal history, Sentencing and criminal justice, Tort law, Trans-national commercial law. Our research was categorised as 'at or above the world standard' at the 2015/16 round of Excellence in Research for Australia(ERA) rankings.

For further information, please contact, or Dr Jason Taliadoros,


The Department of Management invites applications for a number of PhDs positions available in 2017. In particular we would like to invite applications for a doctoral study into the factors that may enhance employee involvement in corporate volunteering programmes, and the effects on involvement in corporate volunteering on the wellbeing and engagement of employees. Under the supervision of Alex Newman, Ingrid Nielsen and Michael Polonsky, the student will work closely with corporate partners to improve their corporate volunteering offerings, as well as improve our theoretical understanding of why people volunteer and the benefits of volunteering to individual employees.

For further information, please contact, or Dr Nichola Robertson


The Department of Marketing invites applications for a PhD in marketing examining the role of violence in markets through an interpretive study. Working with Prof Rohit Varman, the student will be expected to have an interest in social theory with a specific interest in critical theory. A prior academic exposure to sociology, history, political science or philosophy would be desirable.

For further information, please contact, or Associate Professor Ambika Zutshi,

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