Internship (MWL318/MWL718) is a short-term 80-160 hour business placement undertaken for credit. Internships provide an opportunity to explore possible careers and gain practical workplace experience, fostering the development of professional work habits including teamwork, ethical conduct, effective workplace communication and self management.

Students have the ability to undertake pre-approved Faculty internships by completing the 'Intern Profile', or can apply to have a self-sourced internship approved for enrolment.

Key features and requirements for business internships

  • Internships can be undertaken throughout the year. Start and end dates can be flexible and students will be enrolled in the trimester where the majority of the internship takes place.
  • Unit assessments are set based on the internship start and end date;
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid, but unpaid internships are strictly capped at 160 hours;
  • Deakin insurance will comprehensively cover students on approved unpaid placements;
  • Can be undertaken in an office space or working from home (internationally or in Australia);
  • Should be in a relevant role related to the student's business studies - roles such as retail, sales or customer service are not approved;
  • Should be in an organisation with at least 5 employees or support staff;
  • Must be with a new organisation;
  • Students must apply at least 10 business days prior to commencing any internship for credit.

If you have found an internship, you must submit an online application through our online application system, InPlace, have it approved and be enrolled all prior to beginning your first day of the internship. Please see 'self-sourced internships' below for how to apply.

Retrospective applications after you have already commenced (including applications for RPL) are strictly not accepted.

Faculty internships

Want to express your interest in 2022 internships pre-approved by the Faculty? Visit UniHub to see all our roles, as well as complete your Intern Profile to be kept up to date with relevant opportunities for you.


Please be aware that completing the Intern Profile does not guarantee you an internship. This is an expression of interest only and the WIL team will make its best efforts to find you a suitable opportunity.

Self-sourced internships

Self-sourced internships are subject to the approval of the WIL Team. If you feel ready to submit an application for a self-sourced placement via our online submission portal, InPlace, please click the button below to find the relevant forms and application links.

Please ensure you apply at least 10 business days (two weeks) in advance of starting your internship. This ensures that the team have sufficient time to review your application and have you enrolled.


International internships

Interested in a virtual or in-country internship experiences? The WIL team support a number of university wide Global Experiential Learning 'GEL' programs with Deakin Abroad. These include:

  • Virtual and in-country internships with the Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCHAM) Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai
  • NCP supported internship programs with Deakin approved internship providers

Visit the GEL website to see what internship programs are currently on offer.

If you are interested in team based international consultancy experiences, the WIL team also facilitate a number of international consulting programs.

Who can apply?

The unit is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students who meet the prerequisites; including having achieved 8 credit points (undergraduate) and 4 credit points (postgraduate); and course rules.

All students must first apply to the WIL team as it is not possible to self-enrol in this unit.

Program enrolment

Successful students are eligible to undertake this unit for 1 credit point and will, upon approval, enrol in:

MWL318/MWL718 is a repeatable unit, but it cannot be undertaken twice in the same trimester, or twice with the same host organisation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements, and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules. Please speak with a Student Adviser if you are unsure; you can contact them on or (03) 9244 6555.

Key Dates and FAQs

This unit is available in all three trimesters.

Applications will usually close by the 'final day to add units'. Please see How to Apply for specific opening and closing dates.

Visit the Frequently-asked questions page for further information.

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