What is Internship?

The Internship unit is a short-term (80-160 hours) business placement undertaken as part of a student’s studies. Undertaking Internship provides students with an opportunity to explore suitable vocations and gain practical employment experience. During Internship students develop professional work habits such as team work, ethical conduct, effective workplace communication and self-management.

Major ways to undertake Internship are:

  • As a self-sourced internship;
  • Through Faculty or Deakin provided programs such as Launch Your Career, Interns in Industry or advertised roles on Deakin's UniHub; or
  • As a Work Based Learning (WBL) project with a current employer.

Unit Code

From T1 2020, undergraduate students will enrol in MWL318 and postgraduate students MWL718.

Please visit the University Handbook for up to date unit information, pre-requisites and trimester offerings.

Self-sourced internships

Please see key features and requirments below:

  • Internships in 2020 must all be working from home until further notice. No on-site placements will be approved in the state of Victoria or other regions with similar government restrictions in place.
  • The internship duration must be between 80-160 hours
  • Host organisations should have at least five employees
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid. Deakin insurance will comprehensively cover students on approved unpaid placements
  • Internships can be taken anywhere in Australia or internationally
  • Starting and end dates can be flexible. You will be enrolled in the Trimester where the majority of your internship takes place
  • Retrospective applications (including applications for Recognition for Prior Learning) are strictly not accepted

You must submit an application via our online application system, InPlace at least 10 Deakin working days before your internship starting date. You must be approved and enrolled all prior to beginning your first day of the internship.

Work Based Learning (WBL)

If you are currently employed, you can consider making a Work Based Learning application. WBL requires you to identify a business problem at your workplace and use your university learnings to create a solution to the business problem, and provide deliverables, or tangible outcomes, that prove the solution is real and enduring.

For example – an Information Systems student working in a wholesale fruitier might identify waste as an issue for the business.  The project is creating a system for better stock control, reducing waste & saving money.  The deliverable is the system/user manuals, staff training documents etc.


  • You must have been working with you current employer for a minimum of six months, and for at least 18 hours per week (on average)
  • You must remain employed for the duration of the unit
  • The identified business problem must fall outside the scope of your current duties (as outlined in your position description)

Before you begin your application, you will need to have answers to the following questions. Please ensure you map out your project in detail and include timelines where possible to support your application:

  • What is the business problem, and how is it currently impacting your organisation?
  • How will the organisation benefit from your project?
  • What are the key deliverables that you will produce at the end of your project?

You must submit an application via our online application system, InPlace at least 10 Deakin working days before your project starting date. You must be approved and enrolled all prior to beginning your first day of the project.

Who can apply?

The unit is available to all students who meet the prerequisites and course rules. It is your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements, and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules.

Please speak with a Student Adviser if you are unsure; you can contact them on or (03) 9244 6555.

How to apply

Please note that all applications are subject to the approval of the WIL Team. If you feel ready to submit an application for a self-sourced placement, please click the button below to view the step-by-step guide and download the necessary documents.


Please note the following closing dates for 2020 InPlace applications:

  • Trimester 2, 2020 - Applications close 2 August
  • Trimester 3, 2020 - Applications close 1 December

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