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Interns in Industry gives students the opportunity to complete a business internship with a local eastern-region business, made possible with a long standing Deakin Business School (DBS) collaboration with three city councils: Whitehorse, Knox and Maroondah. Running for over ten years, Interns in Industry has provided a great learning experience for many Deakin students, and excellent industry engagement for local business in these council areas.

What Deakin can offer your business?
Deakin’s Business & Law Schools have developed a range of Work Integrated Learning ‘WIL’ programs to suit almost any organisation.

Students usually complete a placement a minimum of 80 hours (dependent on project requirements) with an allocated business within the region. We endeavour to offer placement opportunities in all three trimesters (see dates below). Our students come from a range of business courses and can take part in both unpaid and paid internships. Students must also complete assessment tasks, which explore and recognise their understanding and interpretation of the work opportunity they have experienced.

We believe this is an important part of making our students ready for the job market and seek your assistance in providing this real-world experience. As an industry partner, our WIL team can offer a range of free recruitment services and opportunities to pair you with the right students. We endeavour to offer placement opportunities in all three trimesters, in the following discipline areas:

Management International and community development Business Analytics
eBusiness and supply chain management Commerce Economics
Leadership Event management International trade and business
Property and real estate Information systems Financial planning
Human resource management Project management Public relations
Marketing Finance Sports management
Health and human services management Organisational psychology Master of Business Administration
Accounting Innovation Arts and cultural management

Benefits of being a host
*Access to a pool of prospective candidates and recruitment opportunities through our free Deakin online Jobs and Internships board
*Shortlisting support from our WIL staff and promotion of your organisation to students and the wider Deakin community
*Increased capacity to take on organisational tasks and projects
*Students who bring the latest theory, techniques and fresh perspectives to your organisation
*Deakin academic support and knowledge  
*Enhancement of your staff’s mentoring and supervisory skills
*A strategic partnership with Deakin University and the Faculty of Business and Law.
*Increased international reach if you deliver for online WIL.
*Greater diversity in your work environment.

*University trimester internship dates
*Trimester 1: March – June
*Trimester 2: July – October
*Trimester 3: November - February

Business Requirements*

  • A registered business with five or more employees
  • The ability to provide meaningful and professional work duties for students -  duties can be taken with flexibility and must amount to a minimum of 80 hours during the internship period.
  • Appropriate supervision of the student, including the ability to provide mentoring and constructive feedback to the student intern.
  • A suitable and safe working environment - both remote and on-site internships will be considered where a Covid-safe plan is provided.

If you are a local business in one of these three city councils: Whitehorse, Knox and Maroondah, and are interested in becoming involved, please complete an application or email for further information.


Consulting Programs
If you do not have the capacity to undertake a formal internship, but have a project or area of the business which needs additional support, you can take part in one of our business consultancy programs:

*Australian Business Consultancy (ABC):  6-week student team-based consulting projects
*Business Development Clinic: 6-week student team-based business growth projects
*International Business Consulting: intensive 2-3 week student team-based consulting projects (undertaken overseas where permitted)

To find out more, please visit Deakin Business Consulting Programs.

FAQ’s and Deakin requirements
Do I need to pay the student?
*Students can work unpaid as WIL experiences form part of their study. *If  you are looking for a longer-term arrangement which will exceed 160 hours, then a paid employment relationship must be entered into.

Do I need to pay Deakin?
No. In return for offering practical experience and mentoring to the student intern, Deakin provides all relevant support to our partner organisations.

Does my insurance need to cover the student?
If the position is unpaid, Deakin University’s insurance will cover students on approved placements.

What about COVID-19?
*Internships must be delivered in line with current Government restrictions. *Where the internship is on-site, your organisation must have a COVID-safe plan or relevant state OH&S plan.*If you do not have a COVID-safe plan, please visit Safe Work Australia to check your state requirements.

Confidentiality disclosures
It may be reasonable to ask the student to sign a confidentiality agreement based on the nature of your business, and the work they will undertake. If you have concerns around non-disclosure or confidentiality arrangements, the WIL team can provide support.

What about Fair Work Australia?
The Fair Work Act 2009 includes provisions aimed at protecting students from exploitation. In short, the Act prevents students being used as ‘free labour’, an issue that has historically concerned employers and universities alike. The Act provides an exemption for where the student is participating in a university approved opportunity not exceeding the agreed hours, this is a valid work opportunity in line with the legislation. Further information is available via the Fair Work Ombudsman at:

Information Sessions for Businesses
Deakin Business School, along with Council representatives from Whitehorse, Maroondah and Knox councils - are pleased to be able to offer information sessions for interested businesses, three times per year (in line with our University trimester dates).

These sessions will be an opportunity to ask questions, and learn more about how you can be involved with the program. All sessions will be facilitated via Zoom. Please see 2022/2023 dates below:

Trimester 2: Wednesday 13 April: 1 - 2 pm

Trimester 3: Wednesday 10 August: 1 - 2 pm - Register Now

Trimester 1, 2023: Wednesday 14 December: 1 - 2 pm

Trimester 2, 2023: Wednesday 12 April: 1 - 2 pm

Trimester 3, 2023: Wednesday 9 August: 1 - 2 pm

Diversity and inclusion
Deakin is committed to diversity and inclusion, supporting students with a disability gaining a well-rounded education including the ability to participate in an internship.

Some students may require workplace adjustments to allow them to perform the job safely; have equal opportunity in recruitment processes; experience equitable terms and conditions and maximise productivity.

Most adjustments relate to flexible time fractions and work from home options.

The Deakin Disability Resource Centre (DRC) offers support and training to students and organisations if workplace adjustments are required.
✆03 9244 6255 ✉

Personal information collected by Deakin is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001. For more information about how we handle your information click here.

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