Self-sourced internships

Self-sourced law internships

If you are studying the Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree, you have the option of sourcing your own internship in a legal environment. You are able to obtain placements in a variety of environments including private practice law firms, community legal centres, legal teams in consultancy firms, in-house counsel teams, courts, government departments, with barristers and mediators and offering research assistance to legal academics.

Self-sourced legal placements are completed under MLL338 Legal Professional Practice (undergraduate students) or MLJ738 Legal Professional Practice (Juris Doctor students) – please read further information about the requirements of these units below.

In order for a placement to be considered for MLL338 or MLJ738:

  • you should be supervised by a legal professional;
  • you must be completing tasks that are substantially of a legal nature;
  • placements must be at least 100 hours and cannot exceed 200 hours.

Both paid and unpaid placements are able to be undertaken. Law-related roles at your current organisation may also be approved.

Important Information

This unit provides students with the opportunity to source and complete an approved placement in order to gain experience in a legal environment. Students will develop the ability to apply and deepen their theoretical knowledge of the law, improve vital oral and interpersonal communication skills, and and further develop their legal and skills by applying them in a practical legal context.

Unit Code:

MLL338 Legal Professional Practice (undergraduate students) or MLJ738 Legal Professional Practice (Juris Doctor students).

Key features:

  • Gain credit towards your degree and, if required by your course, meet your mandatory Work Integrated Learning course rule.
  • Students must meet the pre-requisite for the chosen unit prior to applying.
  • You must submit an application, have it approved and be enrolled prior to beginning your first day of the placement.
  • Deakin insurance will comprehensively cover students on approved unpaid placements.
  • Can be taken anywhere in Australia or internationally.

Who can apply?

This unit is available as a law elective to students in the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor. It is your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements, and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules. Please speak with a Student Adviser if you are unsure; you can contact them on or (03) 9244 6555.

How to apply

Please note that all applications are subject to the approval of the WIL Team. If you feel ready to submit an application for a self-sourced placement, please click the button below to view the step-by-step guide and download the necessary documents.


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