Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Location: Burwood Corporate Centre, Building BC, 2nd floor
Date: Thursday 31st August 2017
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm 

This full day workshop will discuss the key concepts of a Meta-Analysis.

The questions that will be covered during the morning sessions:

  • What are the goals of a meta-analysis and when to conduct one?
  • What are the differences between fixed-effect vs. random-effects analyses?
  • What are the types of heterogeneity that we need to be aware of?
  • What is publication bias and what are funnel plots?
  • How to interpret the output from a meta-analysis?
  • What are Forest Plots and how are they used?
    What are possible criticisms of a meta-analysis?

In the afternoon sessions, using health related datasets, participants will be introduced to

  • Stata’s metan user written program and to Microsoft Excel’s add-in package called MetaXL.
  • Dealing with effect sizes (i.e. reporting Cohen’s D or Hedges’ G and Odds Ratios).
  • Checking for heterogeneity using I2.

No prior knowledge of conducting a Meta-Analysis is expected. However, prior knowledge and understanding of systematic reviews and the following statistical concepts is essential:  types of study designs, power and sample size, effect sizes, standard errors and confidence intervals.

Who should attend from the Faculty of Health?
PhD students, PhD supervisors and early career researchers with an interest or possible need to conduct a Meta-Analysis and are not sure where to start.

Presented by
Steve Bowe, PhD, Senior Researcher Biostatistics

Vacancies: 25

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