Introduction to Stata 14

Location: Burwood Corporate Centre, Building BC, 2nd floor 
Date: Monday 31stJuly 2017
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

This full day workshop aims to introduce participants to Stata. The participants will be introduced to enough of Stata’s many techniques that will enable them to begin working with their data in an efficient and precise manner.

In this hands-on workshop, using health related datasets, participants will be introduced to Stata’s features split into 4 sessions

  1. A quick tour of Stata -  Inputting and outputting data and very helpful tips - Stata essentials.
  2. How to use Stata’s do files to write your own programs to run your analysis. You will learn techniques to help clean your datasets, check for errors and some tips on good basic data management skills.
  3. Visualising data is so important. So you will see some of Stata’s graphing capabilities and learn how to manipulate the features within the Stata graphics options.
    Other important data management skills - such as: how to merge and append datasets and reshape datasets from wide format to a long format and vice versa.
  4. In the final session participants will learn more technical and helpful programming features such as date functions, loops and how to use stored values and estimates.

Throughout the day there will be time to practice learned techniques and to ask questions. There will also be the option of progressing at your pace.

Participants will be required to bring along a laptop with Stata 14.0 already installed.

The course assumes that you are not familiar with Stata.

Who should attend?
PhD students and early career researchers within the Faculty of Health. The day would suit people currently involved in, or about to start, postgraduate study and other researchers who wish to expand their quantitative research skills.

Presented by
Karl Keesman, B. Eng.
Steve Bowe, PhD, Senior Researcher Biostatistics

Vacancies: 25

Registration link will go live on July 17th

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