Practical look at Meta-Analysis and an introduction to Network Meta-Analysis

Please be aware that this is an additional (follow up) full day workshop to discuss and work through key concepts of a basic Meta-Analysis and a brief introduction to Network Meta-Analysis.

In the morning sessions, using health related datasets, participants will work through a range of Effect Size examples such as: Relative Risk, Odds Ratios and Standardised Mean Differences.

There will be a strong emphasis on study designs and interpretation of Meta-Analysis results from:

* Fixed-effect and random-effects models
* Forest Plots
* Tests of statistical heterogeneity involving Q and I squared
* Funnel plots – publication bias
* Small study effect
* Trim and fill method
* Impact of missing data
* Sensitivity Analysis
* Meta-regression

In the afternoon sessions, if participants prefer they will have the opportunity to continue working in small groups on more similar basic Meta-Analysis examples. (No new concepts just more of the same for reinforcement of interpretation of results)


Participants can join in a very brief introduction to Network Meta-Analysis. In this second part of the workshop we will present concepts and work through examples of how and when to conduct a Network Meta-Analysis with a strong focus on visualisation. This part of the Workshop is inspired by requests from previous introductory Meta-Analysis workshops. 
If participating in the Network Meta-Analysis session, you will also have access to all basic Meta analysis examples available to the other group.


Prior knowledge of conducting a basic Meta-Analysis is expected. Participants will have previously attended a Biostatistics Unit’s Introduction to Meta Analysis workshop or attended other introductory Meta-Analysis workshops offered inside and outside Deakin University.

Who should attend from the Faculty of Health?

PhD students and all researchers with a strong interest and/or need to conduct a Meta-Analysis and wish to use either Stata or R Studio.

What to bring along?

Participants need to bring along their own laptop with Stata or R studio installed. Participants should also have Stata’s metan packages or R Studio’s metaphor installed. If you are not familiar with either of these Meta-Analysis packages then this workshop is not for you.


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