SPSS Syntax

Monday, 8 July 2019, 9am to 1pm, Burwood Corporate Centre

SPSS syntax is an important option for SPSS users who wish to make their SPSS use more efficient, share their SPSS procedures with others, and keep a record of everything they have done in SPSS.

This half-day workshop aims to introduce participants to SPSS syntax. Participants may learn to write some simple SPSS syntax commands, but mostly they will learn to use existing syntax (easily generated from menu options) by copying and editing commands.

This is a hands-on workshop, using health related datasets. The workshop will include:

  • Basic syntax rules
  • Creating, running and saving syntax files
  • Understanding common error messages arising from incorrect syntax
  • Creating syntax to assign variable properties (value labels, variable labels, missing values, measurement level)
  • Pasting, copying and editing syntax to compute new variables, recode existing variables
  • Pasting, copying and editing syntax to carry out basic statistical analysis
  • The SPSS journal file – how to find this on your computer, and how to use it if needed

Throughout the workshop there will be time to practice techniques and to ask questions.

Participants will be required to bring along a laptop with IBM SPSS Statistics v22 to v25 (any of these will be acceptable) already installed.


The course assumes you are already experienced in using SPSS through menu options. Some understanding of basic statistical concepts (eg means, normal distribution, p-values) is also assumed.

Who should attend?

PhD students and early career researchers within the Faculty of Health. The workshop would suit people currently involved in postgraduate study and other researchers who wish to expand their quantitative research skills.

Presented by

Karen Wynter, B.Sc., Honours (Psychology), M.Phil. (Education), Ph.D. Research Fellow, School of Nursing & Midwifery – Western Health Partnership

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Please note: courses may be subject to cancellation if insufficient number of participants have registered.

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