Designing Application

Many questions you may have about designing your ethics application can be answered by referring to the Deakin Human Research Ethics Manual. You can assist in making the process as smooth as possible by avoiding common problems that are made.

Tips for writing your low risk ethics application

  • Ensure your application is fully signed.
  • Include ALL details of the project in your application. For example do not  just write 'interviews will be conducted' but also include details of where they will be conducted, who will conduct them and include a copy of the proposed interview format.
  • Use 'layman's terms' - a reviewer may not have the same knowledge of your field.
  • Attach all necessary documents. For example, questionnaires, letters of approval, recruitment flyers or emails etc.
  • Try to view your application from a reviewer's standpoint - have you adequately explained how you will protect confidentiality (e.g. online, storage), are there appropriate referrals in case of participant distress (e.g. Lifeline details on the PLS), are there adequate safety measures if the researcher is travelling to conduct interviews alone?
  • If you have questions about completing the application contact us via telephone 0392517174 or email

The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research provides ethical guidelines to researchers for the purpose of promoting ethically good human research. It is also a good resource for participants and reviewers.

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