Nutrition and Physical Activity


Alfred Deakin Professor Kylie Ball

Promoting physical activity, promoting healthy eating, promoting healthy weight. Preventing obesity. Behaviour change. Behavioural epidemiology. Disadvantaged groups; low SES. Socioeconomic inequalities. Women.

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Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford

Obesity prevention and behavioural epidemiology of food/exercise.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Jo Salmon

Obesity prevention, promoting child and adolescent physical activity, reducing sitting in school and home, sedentary behaviour and health.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Anna Timperio

Obesity prevention, promoting child and adolescent physical activity, physical activity measurement; the behavioural epidemiology of weight control; and evaluation of health promotion and public health interventions.

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Professor Karen Campbell

Behavioural, social and environmental influences on nutrition in children and adolescents.

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Professor Robin Daly

Exercise, nutrition (protein, vitamin D, calcium, multi-nutrient supplementation), ageing, chronic disease, musculoskeletal health, osteoporosis, falls and sarcopenia, cognitive function, type 2 diabetes, clinical trials

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Professor Mark Lawrence

Food and nutrition policy and food systems, science and politics of evidence use in nutrition policy-making in relation to dietary guidelines, nutrient reference values, food regulation and obesity prevention.

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Professor Ralph Maddison

Exercise, health behaviours and disease prevention.

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Professor Tony Worsley

Nutrition education in secondary schools.  Food literacy of family food gatekeepers. Social marketing of healthy meal repertoires.  Asia Pacific Families and Food survey. Impacts of the nutrition transition on families in the Asia Pacific region. Public concerns about the food supply.

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Associate Professor Kylie Hesketh

Obesity prevention and promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and reduced sedentary behaviours in children 0-12 years.

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Associate Professor Michelle Keske

Muscle metabolism, and diabetes and insulin resistance

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Associate Professor Sarah McNaughton

Nutritional epidemiology, dietary assessment, nutrition promotion, dietary patterns, eating patterns, nutritional status, chronic disease prevention, ageing.

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Associate Professor Glenn Wadley

Impacts of physical activity and the nutritional environments during early life on later adult health, investigation of exercise and antioxidant therapies for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and the regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis (synthesis) following exercise.

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Dr Lisa Barnett

Development, implementation, evaluation and follow-up of physical activity interventions in children and adolescents, actual and perceived fundamental movement skill ability in children and physical activity behaviour, correlates of fundamental movement skill.

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Dr Sharleen O’Reilly

Prevention of diabetes and heart disease through food choice and lifestyle changes on at-risk groups.

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Dr Lukar Thornton

Health geography, food environments, built environments and health, and geographic information systems (GIS).

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Professor Steve Allender

Burden of disease and obesity prevention, emerging burden of chronic disease in developing countries, the development and understanding of community based approaches to chronic disease prevention.

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Professor Caryl Nowson

Salt, blood pressure, diet, ageing.

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Dr Kirsten Howlett

Carbohydrate metabolism, exercise, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes.

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Dr Gary Sacks

Policies for obesity prevention, the influence of the food industry, economic evaluation of interventions to improve the healthiness of food environments.

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Dr Chris Shaw

Glucose and lipid metabolism in skeletal muscle. Exercise interventions, and immunofluorescence microscopy techniques.

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