Public Health Nutrition

An opportunity to promote nutrition and health across communities and populations

What do dietitians in Public Health and Community Nutrition do?

Dietitians in Public Health work to improve the health of populations, with a focus on nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention. Public health nutrition exists within an extensive infrastructure of government and non-government organisations, service and program delivery systems and the food supply system covering production through to consumption.

Dietitians in Community Nutrition work to improve the health of their local community, with a focus on providing nutrition information to individuals and small groups, and working with diverse population groups in a community setting.

Where are the jobs?

Non-government, not-for-profit and/or health promotion organisations, in Australia and internationally (e.g. Nutrition Australia, Diabetes Vic, Kitchen Garden Foundation, International Committee of the Red Cross)

Local, regional, national and international government (e.g. Department of Health, FSANZ)

Community settings (community health services, local councils)

Research (universities, consultancy)

Employment can be permanent or short term / project-based positions

Job titles to search

Public health dietitian / nutritionist

Community dietitian / nutritionist

Health promotion / public health officer

Nutrition promotion / policy

Project manager

Research assistant

Skills required for the job

Program planning, implementation and evaluation

Project management skills

Communications skills, including counselling, consultation, education, facilitation

Food and nutrition policy development

Teamwork, partnership & collaboration skills

Advocacy skills

Passion for improving the lives of others through health and nutrition

How to develop your skills

Maximise active participation, initiative and networking during your Dietetics course Community Nutrition Placement, and look for opportunities to be involved in the dissemination of your project work

Work towards the Deakin Dietetics Hallmark in Communication

Engage in mentoring with someone who works in your area of interest

Join, participate and/or volunteer within professional organisations such as Dietitians Association of Australia, Nutrition Australia, Public Health Association Australia, Nutrition Society of Australia

Volunteer for relevant activities in community organisations

Attend professional development events and set yourself a goal to meet two new people every time you attend

What units or courses to study at Deakin

Masters of Dietetics (H718)

Graduate profile

Watch Jenny Reimers, Dietitian and Principal Program Officer – Healthy Eating at VicHealth

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