Dietetics in food industry

Impact our Food Supply through a role in the Food Industry and take the opportunity to work in different business functions like Marketing and Sales.

What do Food Industry dietitians do?

Today's increasingly complex food system has created a need for professionally qualified Dietitians.

Graduates may find employment within food companies as well as within consulting laboratories, government organisations and regulatory bodies.

A Food Industry Dietitian may often work with Marketing and R & D teams on product development (including nutrition insights, on pack claims and training) and with the Sales team on execution of new product lines. Food Industry Dietitians have the opportunity to help improve the health of populations by changing the available food supply. They play a key role within the organisation as they have the ability to provide education and insight based on their knowledge and skills in the area of Nutrition

Where are the jobs?

There are a range of diverse roles for Dietitians within the food industry. The roles can vary depending on the specific position, department, type of business and the size of the company. Dietitians in Food Industry can find themselves part of the Marketing, R&D team or Sales team. There are varied opportunities depending on the organisational structure.

Job titles to search


Food Scientist

Laboratory Scientist

Marketing Officer

Sensory Evaluation Scientist

Food Technologist

Product Development Technologist

Quality and Nutrition Coordinator

Brand Manager

Account Manager / Business Manager

Skills required for the job 

Graduates have established successful careers in fields requiring knowledge of:

  • food analysis
  • product development
  • food regulatory issues (food law)
  • food safety and quality systems
  • food manufacture
  • nutrition research
  • nutrition-related marketing and public relations
  • consumer and health professional education
  • sales and customer service
  • marketing

How to develop your skills

To give yourself the best opportunity to be job ready at the end of your degree, we recommend that you:

Volunteer with a Food Industry Dietitian as this will give you an opportunity to be exposed to dietetics in the food industry

Find a mentor in the area you want to work in

Join and become involved in the DAA  - students are able to join for free

When searching for a paid job, be strategic and look for one in your area of interest or one that will give you skills to stand out in your area of interest

What units or courses to study at Deakin

Master of Dietetics (required)

Accreditation as a Dietitian (APD)

You can become an Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) once you have graduated and complete the provisional APD year.


Shelly Dillon (PDF, 22.1KB) graduated from Deakin in 2004 as an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a Food Science Major.

Graduate profile video (2-3 minutes)

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