Sport in the past sixty years has experienced phenomenal growth from a recreational pastime with a small proportion of athletes able to devote time and energy to participating in elite competitions such as the Olympics to a modern, globalized, sophisticated, and multi-billion dollar industry

Along with the rapid growth in commercialisation of sport, there has been an equal growth in the sport service industry with creation and development of occupations such as coaching, sport science, sport business development and management and sport governance. Leading the way in sport career development, Deakin provides graduates with field leading knowledge and skills across a wide range of sport related occupations such as:

  • sport science
  • strength and conditioning
  • coaching
  • business (administration, management, marketing)
  • media
  • research
  • sport development
  • sport education

Job titles/roles

Sport Scientist, Sport Coach, Sport Facility Manager, Sport Development Officer, Events Coordinator/Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Recreation Officer, Membership Officer, Sponsorship Manager, Sales Manager, Sport Publicity Officer, Personal Trainer.


Government institutes and academies of sport, professional sporting bodies, sporting clubs, recreation centres, sport marketing agencies, venue or event management companies, sporting publications, government agencies, university sport science laboratories.

Professional associations

Many of the sport occupations have professional associations that support the ongoing development of careers beyond university.

Major sequences

If you are interested in a career in sport you can choose from our suggested major sequences. Click on each major sequence to list the individial units (which may also be taken as single unit electives):

Expert in the area

Dr Paul Gastin (PDF, 27.9KB) Course Director for the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University provides an insight into career opportunities in the area of sport. (pdf 28KB)

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