Sport - Community

Do you want to enhance the performance and support the wellbeing of athletes and teams in your community?

What do professionals in the community setting do?

Sport Science professionals working in community settings can fulfil a range of different roles. They often work with coaches to design training programs and supervise training sessions. They may analyse the performance of teams and athletes and provide feedback and identify opportunities to enhance performance.

You may also provide advice about how to maintain the health and wellness of athletes. There is a need to make sure that community sport has a positive impact on our communities. There are also opportunities to promote grass roots participation in sport by organising introductory training courses and working with sporting clubs to provide structured athlete development pathways to the elite level.

Where are the jobs?

Local sporting clubs

National and state based sport associations

Local school-based teams

Job titles to search

Physical preparation coach

Strength and conditioning coach

Performance analyst

Sport development officer

Skills required for the job 

An understanding of the sport you are working in

Knowing how to support and work with a coach

The ability to apply your Sport Science knowledge

Group management skills

Effective oral and written communication skills

How to develop your skills

Volunteer to provide a basic Sport Science service at a community level organisation

Seek out opportunities to work with other Sport Science professionals

Find a mentor to help you develop as a professional

Make the best use of the practicum unit in your course

Seek feedback from the coaches and athletes you work with

What units or courses to study at Deakin

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science with a major in Applied Sport Science

Masters of Applied Sport Science


Join Exercise and Sport Science Australia as a student member

Seek accreditation for the Certificate 4 in Fitness

Join Fitness Australia and obtain professional indemnity insurance

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