Food Scientist/Technologist

Understand the underlying principles of food

What do Food Scientists / Technologists do?

Food technologists/scientist analyse nutritional content of food, discover new food sources, and research ways to make processed foods safe and healthy. Many Food technologists work in product development, applying findings from food science research to develop new or better ways of selecting, preserving, processing, packaging, and distributing food. They may use nanotechnology, problem-solving techniques that work on the atomic scale, to develop sensors that can detect contaminants in food. Other food scientists enforce government regulations and food safety, inspecting food processing areas to ensure that they are sanitary and meet waste management standards.

Where are the jobs?

The Food and Beverage Industry is Australia’s largest manufacturing sector

Statutory Authorities, State and Territory Authorities

Research departments (i.e. within a University)

Job titles to search

Food Scientist

Food Technologist

Food Safety

Skills required for the job 

Knowledge of food chemistry, packaging, and product development

Keep up to date with current advancements in sensory and consumer research, ingredient technology and food science

Teamwork, partnership & collaboration skills

Communication (e.g. people skills, relationship building)

Project management skills (e.g. organisation, time management, problem solving)

Attention to Detail

Be Organised

How to develop your skills

Keep up with Industry trends

Gain experience in the industry so you can provide scenarios and examples to support your skills

Surround yourself with knowledgeable and passionate people in the food industry

Find a mentor

Apply for all relevant jobs in the industry, don't wait for the perfect job

Join professional organisations such as the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)

What units or courses to study at Deakin

Bachelor of Nutrition Science


Bachelor of Nutrition Science


HSN101 - Foundations of Food, Nutrition and Health

HSN105 - Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems

HSN104 - The Science of Food

HSN106 - Food Fundamentals

HSN204 - Food Safety

HSN206 - Food Analysis and Quality Assurance

HSN223 - Sensory Evaluation of Food

HSN315 - Food Manufacturing and Process Innovation

HSN319 - Consumer and Sensory Innovation of Food

HSN320 - Trends in Product Development

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