Do you want to help make positive nutritional changes to the food supply? 

What do Nutritionists do?

Nutritionists work within food industry and provide advice to help develop healthier food products based on current nutritional evidence. Nutritionists also play a number of other important roles within the food industry such as nutritional communications and marketing, where they help promote the health and nutritional benefits of products. Other areas where nutritionists play an roles in food industry is in the area of regulatory compliance to make sure that labels and claims on food product packaging and in advertising is correct and based on sound nutrition based evidence. Nutritionists within companies need to pick up on current market trends in relation to health and nutrition and to help guide their business on which trends are supported by evidence.

Nutritionists within a large food company will normally be involved in a broad range of projects across the company and will work with product development specialists, regulatory and quality specialists, marketing and legal departments. They contribute advice to the business on product formulations to enhance nutrition properties of the foods and to ensure labelling and all advertising is compliant with State, Federal and potentially International regulations. In some companies nutritionist may contribute to Government and other submissions on behalf of their companies to ensure that changes to regulations and other requirements consider industrial viewpoints.

Nutritionist within small to medium food companies may sometimes have boarder roles and responsibilities beyond nutrition and they may potentially undertake a regulatory and some aspects of the quality assurance function within the business.

Where are the jobs?

Food companies

Job titles to search

Nutrition Consultant

Nutrition Coordinator

Research Scientist

Research Nutritionist

Quality and Nutrition Coordinator

Regulatory Advisor

Regulatory Specialist

Research Assistant

Nutrition Advisor

Project Officer

Marketing Officer

Technical Sales

Product Manager

Skills required for the job

Food industry nutritionists have skills in evaluating and appraising nutritional evidence, regulatory compliance matters, food labelling, public speaking and writing in a range of styles for different stakeholders.

Skills you should aim to develop include:

Teamwork, partnership & collaboration skills

Communication (e.g. advanced writing skills; public speaking; people skills, relationship building)

Project management skills (e.g. organisation, time management, problem solving, budgeting)

Influencing, making balance commercial based decisions, negotiating and advocacy skills

How to develop your skills

To give yourself the best opportunity to be job ready at the end of your degree, we recommend that you:

Volunteer at food companies or Government agencies or Nutrition focussed professional organisation (like Nutrition Australia).

Find a mentor

Join professional organisations, many offer a student rate for membership (such as Nutrition Society of Australia or Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology)

Attend Professional organisation events or seminars and try to grow your network of contacts within the industry.

When searching for a paid job, apply for jobs beyond those with nutrition in the title and look for roles that utilise your nutrition skills and also target organisations where you would like to work and try to get a start in a related role.

What units or courses to study at Deakin

Student enrolled in the Bachelor of Nutrition Science


HSN301 Diet and Disease

HSN302 Population Nutrition

HSN309 Food Policy and Regulation

HSN305 Assessing Food Intake and Activity

HSN315 Food Manufacturing and Process Innovation

HSN320 Trends in Product Development

Students enrolled in the Master of Human Nutrition

HSN703 Diet and Disease

HSN706 Food Policy and Public Health

HSN708 Nutrition Promotion

HSN735 Essentials of Food Science

Registration as a Registered Nutritionist

You can become a Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) if you gain sufficient work experience and develop competencies in nutrition. Read more about registration as a nutritionist.

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