Human nutrition - postgraduate

Are you interested in completing postgraduate studies in nutrition at Deakin (or perhaps you've already enrolled?) but are not sure where your course might take you?

The great news is that undertaking Postgraduate Nutrition at Deakin opens endless doors and there is no right path. Career opportunities are diverse both in terms of job titles and employment settings and our graduates have secured employment in a variety of occupations and professions across a wide range of organisations.

Ultimately what matters most for your career are your undergraduate training, postgraduate training and the skills you offer. Naturally, your interests also play a large part.

After completing your course, you will be well prepared to undertake professional roles in government and non-government organisations, private consulting and private industry across an exciting range of areas but what you choose to pursue will largely be up to you.

As the awareness of the importance of good nutrition and the need for qualified Nutritionists is rising, the types of careers Nutritionists gain employment in will also change, so it is important to stay engaged with your areas of interest, ideally well before you've completed your studies.

This may all sound daunting but it needn't be.

The links below illustrate the main employment sectors graduates from Postgraduate Nutrition at Deakin generally pursue.

Where are the main employment sectors?

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